Why can't I be like everyone else??


3. An Explanation

“Father are you almost ready to go yet?”

“Almost I just have to finish making my coffee.”

Well I can’t wait anymore I am so excited!”

“Ok hop in the car and we can go.”


About 10 minutes later they arrive at the local bakery for some doughnuts and other treats.

“Thank you so much for doing this Father!

I am not complaining but I am confused why you want to do this for me?”

 “Well, I have never told you in your whole life that I love you I really do and for you to go outside and have there be the opportunity for you to get hurt would hurt me.”

“I have lost my dearest brother because of him going outside and not knowing what to expect. “

“He was playing outside and someone wasn’t paying attention while driving and hit him he was in the hospital for a week or two and then died soon after.”

“I don’t want the same thing to happen to you so thats why I am so strict with you to not go outside, if people would pay attention when they drive and be careful you would be able to go outside to like everyone else.”

“Oh Father!”

Marissa half-crying half-yelling runs over to her father and hugs her Father.

“Please, call me dad.”

“But could you please just give me one chance to go outside and you can come outside to!”

“Hmmmmm well I could consider it.”

“Thank you so much dad I love you!”

“Well, I didn’t say yes.”

“I know but you are considering it.”

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