Meowza Cat-Tat

Hi! I've just finished writing another poem for you to read. Please tell me in the comments what you think about them!


1. Meowza Cat-Tat

Meowza Cat-Tat

There once was a feline called

Meowza Cat-Tat,

With the glossiest coat in the land.

His long, shiny tail was one of his features

And he just pitied all that were bland.


Meowza Cat-Tat had a number of friends,

And all of those friends had a number.


Number One was Jolly McScrum.

The softest to cuddle and bundles of fun.


Number Two was Kiddy Skidoo.

He's good to play with but always has flu.


Number Three was Diddly Dee.

With his big, bushy tail and the odd jumping flea.


Number Four was Buffy McBore.

He's always sleeping. Listen to him snore!


Number Five was plain old Clive.

He may not sound fancy, but he's ready to thrive!

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