Sky has spent 16 years trying to hide how different she is.
From seeing things normal people can't, to her rapid healing abilities- she's always known she was different.
When her mother suddenly disappears and government officials pop up wherever she goes, she'll do everything she can to get her back and to get answers. Even if that means trusting the illusive Riley Parker who seems to know more than he's letting on.

As Sky beings to realize exactly what and who she is...will she be strong enough to handle the truth?

After all, she is an ABOMINATION.


3. Chapter 2


CHAPTER 2-Sticky Situation


Walking down the dirt road was like repeatedly having your feat bathed in gooey chocolate. Except this didn’t smell like chocolate, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t taste like chocolate either.

Huffing and puffing, I maneuvered my way through the sludge cursing the countryside’s lack of decent roads. It was like we were in a frickin’ third world country.

Looking around me, I felt I had lost all hope of finding the neighbor's house, until I saw a few large houses come into my forward vision.

I stopped and sighed in relief that I was at least heading in the right direction and hadn’t fully lost my mind. Unfortunately for me, stopping had meant the sludge had managed to weigh my feet down in a rock hard casing.

“Shit,” I cursed as I tried to release the sludge’s hold on me.

No matter how hard I tried to lift my feet or how many times I tried to jump; nothing was working. I even debated dropping the casserole but knew mum would destroy me if she found out. I began panicking, what if no one came to find me and I was stuck here for hours? What if-

“Need some help over there?” a rough and raspy voice called from behind me.

I turned to find a very amused looking guy…a hot guy.

He must have been a few years older than me, maybe two or three. His hair was a startling black tone I had never seen before that made his pale skin look like porcelain. Along his jaw line, a light layer of stubble added a chiselled look and emerald green eyes stared back at me as they sparkled with amusement.

“You deaf?”

I came out of my daze as I realised he was laughing at me. I supposed I probably shouldn’t have stared for so long.

I blushed a deep red that I was sure made my face look like a tomato whilst I looked anywhere but at his face, “No. I’m just stuck.”

Looking up at him, I saw his amused expression had turned into one of interest, “Well, stuck you are.”

I waited, expecting him to walk towards me and help- but he just stood there, that look of interest gone and that annoying look of amusement permanently plastered across his face.

“Can I get some help?” I gestured to the mud encasing my feet.

He smirked, “And what do I get out of this, if I do?”

I gaped at him, he had to be kidding. Right? As I continued to stare at him in disgust, I realised he wasn’t. “I-I what do you want?”

“To kidnap you. Keep in you in my basement. Nothing too extreme.”

My mouth formed a perfect O shape as I tried to lift my feet out of the ground with more vigour than before.

He chuckled at my horror, “I was kidding. Every heard of a joke, or maybe smiling?”

I felt agitation and anger build within me. No one had ever infuriated me this much, especially not within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. It was like he was doing it on purpose. I almost wanted one of my weird emotion sessions to happen right now.

“What, cat caught your tongue?” he mocked.

Dear emotions, Please feel free to react any moment now. You would be doing me a favour for once.

“I have heard of sarcasm, thanks. And as for smiling-I’m not sure anyone could be smiling whilst standing here in the mud talking to you. Or perhaps I’d be more smiley if you just weren’t here.I snapped.

His eyes widened momentarily and that usual smirk set back into place, “I’ve always heard I’m a charmer. You must be blind as well as deaf. Let’s face it; this face is hard not to find irresistible.”

Gesturing to his face, he ran his long fingers along his jaw line. I almost wanted to lick his jaw. Wait, no. Snap out of it.

I scoffed. What a pig-headed idiot.

He sighed and shrugged when I didn’t reply, “How about, if I help you…we just talk. Maybe take a stroll. Y’know, get to know each other.”

I rolled my eyes. Sure, that’s all he wanted. But right now, I couldn’t care less what he wanted. I wanted out of here. “Fine. Whatever. Just come save me, will ya?”

“Save, huh? So I’m like your hero now?” he chuckled as he lifted his steel boots from out of the mud.

“Opposed to a jack-ass?” I spat back.

“Calm down, blondie.” he put his hands up in mock defence as he reached me.

Up close, his features were even more handsome than before. His cheek bones were high and defined, his shoulders both taut and strong and his body was formed as if carved by the Gods.

Carved by the Gods? What the hell was I thinking? I mentally scolded myself and scowled.

From the look on his face, he knew exactly what I was thinking about and I wished I could lift my knee up and hit him where it would really count.

I glared at him and pointed to my feet, “Feet. Stuck. Can. You. Help. Please?” I stated slowly.

He cocked an eyebrow as he bent down with a small spade and dug around my shoes. I was incredibly aware of his closeness and the smell of his cologne, that I didn’t dare move. It was a wild mixture of cinnamon and oak that did funny things to my head.

This was already the most painful and infuriating experience I’d ever had to experience, and I didn’t want to add to that pain any further.

“There ya go, blondie.” He smiled as if proud of himself as I managed to lift my feet out of the mud.

“Thanks.” I murmured.

“What was that?” he smirked.

I shook my head and stormed off in the direction I had been heading in.

“So where ya going?”

I groaned, “Can’t you just leave? I have somewhere I need to be.”

“Not much of a thank you, is it? You agreed to take a gentle stroll with me, remember?” he hummed softly to himself.

“If I recall rightly, there was no now in that promise. Just a reference for the distant future.” I shrugged as I scrambled desperately get past the rest of this dirt pit.

“Well where you heading? I might just be headed in the same direction.”

I snapped round and pierced my eyes at him, “Look, I’m sorry, but I’ve had a really crap morning and I would really just appreciate if you didn’t add to that crapiness and instead left me alone. Please.”

His brow creased as the look of amusement faded slightly, “Fine then. I’ll see you around, Sky.” he waved as he walked along a side lane.

That was weird. He just gave up…

I grinned and felt a skip in my step. Getting rid of that douche was the best thing that had happened to me all day. No-all week. He was great- up until the moment he decided to open his mouth. It was just one cruel, cruel world where boys with abs were destined to be jerks. If he even had ads; I mean there was no way for me to know for sure.

Wait a minute…how did he know my name? I hadn’t told him, or at least I didn’t remember telling him my name. And why did he leave so willingly? I mean, I know I was being a total cow but he didn’t seem like the sort of guy to just give up.

Whatever. One thing was for sure- I didn’t want to lay eyes on him ever again and I definitely wanted to get rid of this Casserole.

I reached the nearest house my mother had described and knocked on the door.

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