Life After Mockingjay

What would the life of Katniss and Peeta be like after Mockingjay? Will Gale try to step into Katniss's life again? All of these questions will be answered, or at least the way I want it to happen.


6. Problems

"Ma'am what's wrong? What hurts?" By now Peeta was freaking out trying to get out of his hospital bed to hold my hand, security restrained him though. "Ugh! My stomach!" I turned white in fright when the nurse asked me, "Are you pregnant?" Shakily I said "Yes is something wrong with our baby?!?" The nurse kept a straight face as she rolled me down the hallway until she turned into another room. "We're not sure. We'll have to conduct some tests." I started to hyperventilate and heave with my breaths. The nurse was yelling at me to calm down as she shot anesthetic into my arm.

I woke up with Peeta standing over me. "Peeta! What are you doing? Your supposed to be in bed healing!" He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Katniss, I'm already healed, you've been in a coma for ten months." He started crying and then what he told me finally sunk in. "what! Where's our baby how I-I I didn't know I..." He sniffed and smiled. "We almost lost him, but you went full term and the doctors did a ce-section." I lifted up my shirt and saw a tiny scar, I sighed and Peeta kissed me. "Wait Peeta, it was a boy? Where is he?" He kissed me on the cheek one more time and said "C'mon I'll take you to him." I got out of the bed and put on a robe. When we got there Peeta went into the nursery and pulled out a baby that strongly resembled Peeta. "This is Braun, Braun this is your mommy." Sorry for the SUPeR late update but I've been trying to move to a different house and haven't had much time.

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