Life After Mockingjay

What would the life of Katniss and Peeta be like after Mockingjay? Will Gale try to step into Katniss's life again? All of these questions will be answered, or at least the way I want it to happen.


4. Chapter4: Peeta

Months went by, Peeta and I, me and Peeta. We were happy together, life was filled with laughter, and love. I woke up from a nap on December 8th and found sticky notes leading out of the room and down the hall, I turned the corner to see Peeta down on one knee, "We need a proper wedding." I smiled and happily accepted and by the next month, it was a day before our wedding. Everyone from district twelve was invited, except for Gale. It was the big day and my mom woke me up two hours earlier then I usually get up, I was crabby of course who wouldn't be? "Mom is this really necessary?" My mom glared at me, "YES! I will not have my daughter look bad on her wedding day!" My mom picked out my dress so this would be the first time I ever saw it. She pulled it out of the closet, and suddenly I had to puke, I got to the bathroom just in time, as soon as I reached the toilet, I barfed. "What was that did you really not like the dress that much? Or... It could be....ha your pregnant!!!" I shuttered at these words, I wasn't ready for motherhood! "Oh! Pee on this stick!" "No mom! Wait, where did you get that?" "Oh I've had it ever since your first kiss with Peeta..." I was so annoyed with her, but I did what she told me to. Positive sign? I hope that means it's positive I'm not going to have a baby. "Mom? What does positive mean...?" Her eyes widened and she squealed. I've never heard my mom do that before. "Your pregnant!" At first I thought I would be scared, but now that I know for sure I'm actually excited! "I'm not going to tell Peeta until after the wedding, I'll tell him at the reception." And with that my mom dressed me and did my hair and makeup.

I was walking down the isle, my mom next to me, Haymitch beside Peeta, and Effie next to where I was about to be standing. "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the joining of this man and this woman." And so on and so on, I didn't really care all I saw was Peeta mouthing the words 'I love you' to me and me doing it back to him. We said our vows and we kissed, best kiss of my life! At the reception, we had our first dance and that's when I whispered "Peeta, I'm pregnant." He picked me up and spun me around and when he set me down he kissed me. I saw my mom whisper to Haymich "She told him." Haymich just looked at her and said "What?" My mom smiled and said "Katniss is pregnant, with Peeta's baby." Peeta embarrassed me by announcing, "Everybody, may I have your attention, my wife, this beautiful woman standing next to me, is pregnant! We're having a baby!" The rest of the night was filled with cheers and people saying congratulations, until Gale came, in the middle of dancing with Peeta, there was a big BANG and Peeta fell to the ground. "Peeta! Peeta stay with me please!" I sobbed and blood pooled everywhere. I looked straight at Gale and screamed in between sobs, "Why-y-y?!" I looked back down at Peeta, "you have to stop looking at me like I'm a wounded animal," it was unbelievable he made me smile, "No offense, but you are." The ambulance arrived and took Peeta to the hospital. Gale ran away before they got there.

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