Life After Mockingjay

What would the life of Katniss and Peeta be like after Mockingjay? Will Gale try to step into Katniss's life again? All of these questions will be answered, or at least the way I want it to happen.


2. Chapter 2: Gale

By the time we got home, it was dark, so we just decided to munch on whatever we found in the cupboards. Peeta said goodnight and gave me a kiss, I waited a few minuets then found myself creeping up the stairs to his room, I opened the door to see a naked Peeta getting ready to take a shower. Awkward. We both stood there frozen, Peeta standing next to the bathroom doorway and me by the desk. "Um... Sorry Peeta, I thought you were in bed." I said covering my eyes. "Uh, yea I just decided to take a shower." Peeta was calmer than I was about the whole situation, I was thinking inside my head about what he was thinking. He broke the silence, "I'm just gonna take my shower," he paused for a second, and then offered, "you can join me if you want," I felt the urge to say I'd love too, but I just said "okay."

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I walked in his room, and took off my clothes, this would be the first time Peeta would see me naked. I took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom. Peeta was surprised to see me, it was so awkward he laughed, which made me laugh. I would have never thought taking a shower with someone could be, and of coarse knowing me, I slipped and took Peeta down with me. Now we were laughing even harder. Then out of nowhere, we heard a knock at the door, Peeta turned off the water and we both grabbed a towel and answered the door together. Standing there was a very shocked Gale. I could understand why he would be, me, the girl he's known all his life, standing next to Peeta Mallark, and were both only wearing towels. "Um, Hi" were the only words Gale could mutter out of his mouth. "Hi." I replied, disappointed that this is what ruined what was happening in the shower. "What do you want?" Peeta snapped at Gale, "I was wondering if I could talk to Catnip, I mean Katniss." Peeta and I glanced at eachother, "I'll go get dressed, come on in," I said turning around. "Yea, I'll meet you up there hon." Gale winced at Peeta saying this.

As I walked upstairs Peeta pulled Gale into our house, and warned "If you try anything, and I mean ANYTHING! I will personally hunt you down and kill you, just like I did in the games." And with that Peeta came upstairs. By the time he got up there I was already dressed, Peeta kissed me and told me if he tries anything to run home tell him, I teased that I wasn't a child, all he did was laugh and kiss me again. I walked downstairs to find a pale, frightened Gale, all I said was "you have nothing to worry about," he let out a sigh of relief, "unless you try something." And he was back to being scared. Good. We walked out the door, but Peeta stopped us, "I'll have dinner ready when you get home, I love you." After he said that right in front of Gale, he french kissed me, It seemed like he was declaring dominance over me, which in a weird way I kinda liked. Gale and I went off into the woods.

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