Kali the undercover Barbie

Kali Tyler's life is about to change dramatically, for better or for worse, she isn't sure. Kali is such a nerd, swot and a geek. But her new school is going to challenge her, what lies ahead could be scary, but Kali's sure she's going to change. Into a new thing, blossom perhaps? Into a plastic, makeup caked, hair perfected....



1. 1

"KALI BARNS! What have you done to my new scarf!?"

Oh god! Here it goes again.

"Rachel, I didn't touch your stupid scarf!" I yelled, pulling my tie up. Rachel was my older and snottier sister, always moaning about something or other.

"Yes you did you little cow! You've crinkled it, see!!

She shoved her pink satin scarf in my face, it smelt of strawberries, admittedly not a bad smell, but it was so sickly, it made me gag.

"Oh for god's sake girls!" mum shouted up the stairs, why did this have to happen on the first day of school.

"Rachel, no one will notice a little crimp, and Kali, why did you crinkle her scarf!?"

I sighed and huffed, pulling my bag from the ground.

"I didn't!"

I slammed the door before anyone could say another word.

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