40 40 in

A short story and a short game! Who ends alive and who dies???


1. 40 40 in


Three children play a game of 40 40 in but it turns out not as good as it should be!


the first tagged was Beth, now Beth was the youngest and slowest but she ran into someone. This person looked like a grim reaper. She tried to escape but she was to slow and happened to trip on a stone. The grim reaper took Beth away into the darkness. The remainders where cleo and harry. Harry said he would be the tagger so he was. As they carried on playing harry got sidetracked by a ball. It was a wonderful ball but then it turned into a muffin. Harry ate the muffin/ball and he was just there saying that was delicious till he fell and choked and died. Cleo was so scared she hid away but the grand made a hole under cleo with a man holding out his hands now this person was DARTHADER . DARTHADER CAME TO THE RESCUE!!!! Then they fell in love💋💕💕. Cleo then sung the song true love truuue love it must be!



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