The Letter


1. The corner shop


As I stood looking at the selection of drinks in the corner shop, my friend Amy said she was going to wait outside I didn't think anything of it I just replied "ok see you out there" I brought a can of cola and went outside, the air hit me as soon as I had got outside the shop.



I looked around but I could not see Amy anywhere I immediately presumed she had got bored and gone to school. But I was wrong...........



I wondered around a bit and then I came upon a letter with my name on it maddie. I ripped the letter open and read what it said a shiver went down my spine and a tear trickled down my face.


The letter read "SHE'S GONE ." I did not know what to do I just started crying. people began coming over but I could not speak. My whole entire body just froze. my best friend had gone so suddenly but why? and how did who ever wrote this sick letter know who I was or my friend my lovely friend Amy?     



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