Soul Takers

Savona Brotallie is a 13 yr. old girl that that dose not have any friends ..... accept for the ones that are dead and want to take her life. She got sent to a house of mentally insane when she was 11 and gets visitors all the time.


2. No Friends Allowed

My parents never liked me having friends over to play and they would get mad at me for making new friends. I remember a very windy Saturday morning when my mom caught me talking to my friend Sara-Ann. The trees outside my bedroom window scraped like cat claws against the glass and I could hear wind blow like a whistle between the french doors.  I spent most of my time in my bedroom. That morning my mom came storming into my room with her blond hair wrapped in a scarf and her usual saturday work out clothes wet with sweat. "Who on gods green earth are you up here talking to" she asked.  With a nervous smile on my face, "mom Sara-Ann came over to visit me." In my mothers famous sarcastic voice she asked, "So what are you two talking about." I always hated how she made me feel like a silly little girl. "She was just telling me about the car accident and showing me the hole in her throat". My mom freaked out on me and said I should stop making up "imaginary friends".  Eager to make her see what I saw, I pointed to Sara-Ann. I felt rude talking about her to my mother in front of her without acknowledging her presence. My mother seemed to hate seeing the friends I had and my dad just hated everything.

She told me that real friends are visible to all and that guest only come to your home when you invite them. Later that afternoon ma packed my favorite dolls, and my clothes put me in the back our van and drove for about an hour.

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