Soul Takers

Savona Brotallie is a 13 yr. old girl that that dose not have any friends ..... accept for the ones that are dead and want to take her life. She got sent to a house of mentally insane when she was 11 and gets visitors all the time.


1. Italys home of the mentally insane (1912)

 I am thirteen years old and my name is Savona Borotallie.  It has been a very long time since I have seen the light of day and even longer until I will see it again.  I got here about 3 years ago I don't know exactly why or how I got here. All I know is that I am far from home. I know that I am somewhere deep in Italy,  not Rhome or any of those magical cities. This is where if a crazy person wanted  to leave they would have nowhere to go.  Here, there is no post code ENVY.  If I am going to start this story the right way I will have to start  from the beginning before I met Alison.  No one here cares for me and nobody can explain where my parents are. Why me? Did I do something horrible in order to have visitors from time to time but never my parents? I remember parts of my life before this place but I'm not sure whats real or whats make believe anymore. Parents don't just leave you in a strange dark place. Friends and family members don't just forget you ever existed! "Come on memory, help me figure this whole thing out".   

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