Zayn maliks rebel sister one direction fanfic x

Zayn is called by his parents to look after his sister Aaliyah and take her on tour as she is rebelling x


1. what is he doing here?

Aaliyah come down for a minute my annoying mother said

Gimme a minute I am getting dressed

I got dressed into black shorts and a neon pink bra and put a black lace crop top on and my combat boots and sown accesories and walked downstairs

I walked into the living area and I saw 5 guys with their backs turned

Mom who are they and I heard chuckle and a guy turned around at looked at me I realised it as zayn my brother and his mates

What are u doing here I said

He said because I missed u and wanted u to meet my mates

Oh missed me more like mom telling u to come isn't it I replied back with sass

He looked hurt but I didn't care he hasn't spoken to me since he lefts for xfactor

Look mom is concerned about u and she wanted u to come on tour with me and the lads

No I ain't coming I got my life her in Bradford why should I come on tour with u and the band

My mom said please Aaliyah listen for once we can't tolerate u anymore just go and be with zayn for some time

You expect me to drop everything what is this pack up and leave and forget everything

The door opened and my boyfriend Sean came in and said hey Lilly wanna go out with the lads

I said gimmie a min let me get my phone and I was about to go when zayn grabbed my wrist and said who is that and I said my boyfriend Sean and I gt my phone and said bye

While I was walking out zayn said we will discuss this later and I shut the front door

Me and Sean were sitting in his basement kissing and Sean best friend jj came in and whistled

We were sitting there for some thine playing COD and then we went to subway and can back and jj said he's gotta go and he have Sean a bro hug and me a kiss on the cheek and left

It was 1 am and me and Sean were awake watching a film and my phone rang again it was like the 100th in te last 5 hours and I turned it off and snuggled Into Sean after a hour I decided to go home and I told Sean I'll go back alone and I kissed Him Goodbye

I was on my way home untill someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into the alley way when I looked up and saw ..…

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