Ana - Rexia

Anastasia Print...
That's what the birth certificate says, although I prefer the name Ana Jackson. My parents divorce was tough and I left my fathers home for the comfort of my mothers after an argument between us... about a problem I had. I miss him and only in my darkest hour in this world full of joy with a new step family, things are harder to hide and I know I should have listened, before this got to far...


2. The beginning...

"Ana!! Come on, your dad will be waiting" Daniel shouts from downstairs. 

I look at the dismal room that me and Georgie share when I stay here, I scuff my feet on the carpet and catch Georgie's purple crop top, she got it specially for top school next year. Slowly I hold it up to my body and stare at the mirror... my FAT over flows the small top which would make Georgie look gorgeous, it makes me look like a whale. A huge FAT beached whale.

"Ana!! Seriously, now!!" I hear, and in the distance my impatient step sister to be bashing the horn in the car outside.

"Coming!!" I yell back stuffing the crop top into my bag, before stomping down the stairs.

Daniel smiles as I trek out to the car dragging my bag on the floor, he opens the door to the back seat and I clamber in. Georgie sits in the front smiling and skinny wearing her new dance gear. 

"Hey! You nearly made us late! It's my first time and everything!"

I mumble an apology as Dan gets in and starts the engine. As we speed along I watch them, with their matching blonde hair and green eyes bobbing and singing to whatever music comes on the radio next - silently I wish me and my father could be like that.

I was offered dance lessons but declined knowing that I would never fit in and as my house pulls into view I begin to thank the fact that traffic was good and I only had to endure half an hour of longing as opposed to the usual 45 minutes.

"See you in two weeks Ana!" Georgie calls from the front seat.

"Bye Georgie," then I said something I regretted, something I didn't think about "Dan, can I have dance lessons after all?"

The car fell silent.

"What? You ... want... I mean... yeah of course. Sure thing Honey, but you have to make sure it's okay with your dad, I know your mum is all for it!"

"Errrrrm... okay ... thanks"

I get out of the car and wave good bye, unaware of the mistake I have just made...

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