Reborn Into Revenge

All her life all Brie wanted was to be loved, to escape from her abusive dad. She runs away only to fall into the world of the supernatural.Dieing is never easy but being reborn is harder especially while falling in love.


2. The Reveal

" psalms 91:11 - For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."
Brie could only describe it as pain.
Blinding searing pain.
Everything was on fire, burning heat coursing through her veins. She thought death wasn't supposed to be this way. She wanted to scream but before she could, cold ice started up her fingertips, fighting against the fire consuming it until it reached her unbeating heart. Reviving its speed to a beat as fast as that of a hummingbird's wings. Brie began to hear hushed voices in volume so low she thought she shouldn't have been able to hear them. She took a breath; it felt wrong and unneeded. With that breath she could taste distinct smells,things she never knew had a taste. Sunshine, wood, even the cotton of her dress. The scent that struck as the most confronting was a wonderful mix of vanilla and cinnamon. She at once attached herself to that scent as she felt a strong pull to it. Opening her eyes, it was like all her senses were enhanced. She had been moved from the meadow and into a large empty white room.Brie could see everything to a point; it was like she could look at everything from under a microscope. She could especially see the golden eyes which stared down at her. The middles were tinged with an sea green around the pupil, filled with concern. Looking at the face which held the captivating eyes, Brie was breathless. He had a strong sculpted jaw line, and perfectly plump lips that were drawn up into a smile, showing the set of straight, pearl white teeth. 
“Hello, my name is Zachariah . It is a pleasure to meet you. Even if its not in the most pleasant circumstances...Are you alright?" His voice was like velvet with a hint of a british accent when he spoke. He was crazy tall and had a country-boy look to him. He had soft masculine features and white dazzling teeth that showed when he smiled. He was muscular, but in a way that made it look natural not buffed. He had dark brown hair, cut short and a thoughtful look in his eyes. 
He held his hand outstretched towards Brie, and she took his hand shaking it firmly. A shock ran through their hands making them drop them at once.
"I'm fine a bit confused. My name is Brie"
Just then the door flew open making both Zachariah and Brie jump.
"You're awake!" A squeal from the doorway. 
Zachariah shook his head "This is Rose. She is a bit cheeky and awfully hyper." 
A laugh rang around the room "Hey!At least I'm better than Lily. Hi my name is actually Ambrose but everyone calls me Rose for short.Welcome!" Brie looked at her closely. The girl standing in front of her had brown hair, a little poofy and on the frizzy side, but tame. It ran down to her shoulder, straight as a ruler. Her golden eyes glinted with an inside cheer, and her face was full with cheeky grin. Her face was round and babyish.The girl seemed mature but still looked young, maybe around her late teens, and seemed a slight bit shorter than the average.She was also curvy more so in the bust. It didn’t seem to bother her too much though. 
“You may not be Lily, but you’re still bloody annoying.” Zachariah  joked and turned to Ambrose. Trying to ruffle her hair, but she ducked out of the way.
“That may be, but I'm still your favorite.” She laughed and stuck out her tongue at him in a childish manner.Brie felt herself smile at this small display of sibling affection. Ambrose then turned to Brie. “You probably have a lot of questions, so lets take you downstairs to meet the rest of the family and we can answer all of them then.” 
She took Brie’s hand and pulled her to the door with a slight bounce in her step. Brie looked back to Zachariah to see him shaking his head while chuckling under his breath. She looked around the house as they went through it. Brie barely noticed how her steps were more graceful and didn't bring pain to her with every step. She was still unused to her enhanced senses as well, snapping her head around to look for a sound and staring intently at particles she saw in the air. Zachariah caught her looking her unease.
“Don’t worry, you get used to after a few days.” 
She nodded, feeling slightly better. They rounded the corner into what looked like a family room. It had a tan, leather sectional in the middle of the room in front of a huge flat screen TV, equipped with every game system known to man and a state of the art DVD and sound system. On either side of the TV was floor to ceiling shelves filled with video games and movies. The other walls were decorated with antique spiritual paintings depicting angels. But the most shocking of all were the seven most gorgeous people sitting on the sectional. They all had pale skin and golden eyes.
“Brie, this is Michael, our coven leader or father as we all call him.” As she said his name, a man stood up. He was handsome, with chiseled features but a type of wisdom shone in his face. One only collected by years of experience even though he only looked in his mid twenties.He had short, dark brown hair, and a spindly body that stood tall. He smiled brightly extending his hand towards Brie.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Brie. I hope you come to think of us as your family.” He had a slight hispanic accent. Brie moved on to the petite woman standing by his side. She had long straight medium brown hair that framed her oval shaped face. She had gentle features that gave her the look of being young and long curly eyelashes. She seemed shorter with a slender body.
“This is Gracia, Michael’s mate and our mother.” Rose said.
Gracia pulled Brie tightly in a hug and whispered in her ear. “Welcome to the family.” With that Brie could just see why Gracia  was the mother. She just gave off a sense of security and love,things she had never felt in her life.
Next in line was a tiny girl with pixie like facial features. Her chin length hair was bright blond almost yellow and was curved  in towards her chin. She was very tiny, maybe 5 foot, with a gymnastic  body. But somehow that just enhanced her beauty. Her face held a huge ear to ear grin and her golden eyes sparkled with excitement. She was bouncing on her toes almost bursting at the seams.
“This is Lily . Told you she's worse than me.” Ambrose said laughing. Lily scowled at her playfully before turning quickly towards Brie in a flash she had her arms around her. Brie stood still not knowing what to make of this.
“We are going to be the closest sisters ever!” She squealed out. A tall muscled man stepped up pulling her away. He had straight, jet black  hair which laid across his forehead just above his eyebrows. His expressions were serious but his mouth held  a hint of a smile. His whole presence gave off a sense of calmness.
“Lily  darling, let the girl breathe” He had a distinct Italian accent. “My name’s Aiden,it’s a  pleasure to meet you.” He turned to Brie with his hand extended to her. She grasped it shaking it slightly before Ambrose dragged her down the line.
There was a beautiful fiery red haired woman standing in front of her. She had a joyful look on her angelic like face, with her perfect plump oval lips turned up in a smirk . Standing quite average at 5 foot 7 and with a killer curvy body that all models would die for, she was intimating to Brie. Standing next to the model like woman was a mountain of a man. He was huge and not just tall, he had width as well. He was made purely of muscle. But looking up at his face lined with short curly red hair, he had a child like grin that could rival even Lily’s.
“This is Avengalina and her mate Nikolai.” Ambrose  gestured to the Irish duo. Avengalina smiled brightly and gathered Brie up into a hug as Nikolai gathered them both up in a huge hug until Zachariah stepped in.Brie was thankful for the rescue but felt a softness towards them both like a sibling relationship.
“Nikolai you fool you're crushing her.” Ambrose giggled and tugged Brie’s hand until they came to another man. He was average height and had a gentle look to him. He had soft masculine features and white dazzling teeth that showed when he smiled. He was skinny, but in a way that was natural not sickly. He had sandy blonde hair, cut short and a rambunctious  look in his eyes. 
Ambrose  looked at Brie and smiled. “This is my mate Landon. Isn't he the cutest?”
Brie felt very insecure around all these beautiful people but before she could think on it  any more, Michael stood up. “Brie, to start off I would like to say welcome, and I hope you decide to stay with us.”
Brie looked at him funny. “You are all very nice, but why would I stay with you? I'm supposed to be dead.”
He stepped forward and thats when she saw them spread out in their glory.

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