Reborn Into Revenge

All her life all Brie wanted was to be loved, to escape from her abusive dad. She runs away only to fall into the world of the supernatural.Dieing is never easy but being reborn is harder especially while falling in love.


1. Meadow of Dreams

She always knew he never loved her. Even as a child, as her classmates’ parents dropped them off, peppering their innocent faces with tender kisses. Her heart always clenched with longing as she watched on, only wanting to know what it felt like to be on the receiving end of those loving gestures. It began after her mother’s funeral, when she was five.

He came home furious looking for an outlet for his anger, grabbing the nearest thing to him. He felt light after each beating, like a weight was lifted momentarily before coming back. It was like an addiction, he needed the ecstasy it brought to his heart, which was void of emotion. Replaced with the numbness of the alcohol. She didn't understand, but was too weak to rebel against his blows. Growing up this way gave her the ability to hide her emotions well, but also presented her with the downfall of being the friendless mute freak. She never cared for any playmates, not wanting to subject anyone to the torture she lived through everyday. She knew it would one day kill her, and she dreaded that day. She was soon 17, and her life was spinning out of control. She needed an escape and she was planning on leaving soon. There had to be a better life than this, anything would be better than this. 
This was her mind set as she climbed through the window and ran towards the forest under the full moon.
As her breath quickens and her feet thunder across the earth’s floor, her steps never waver, and her thoughts are blank. She doesn’t feel the pain as the vines whip across her bruises and reopening her cuts from the last beating, allowing the blood to seep out slowly. The ground is damp and stained with the essence of the innocent who have walked this trail before. She looks ahead not breaking her line of sight, and sees a break in the cover of endless trees. This new discovery brings her mind back to the brink of reality and with it comes the pain. The pain returns like a brick wall, slamming hard into her, making her falter in her steps and remember the piercing memories.
A slim fallen tree struck down in a storm blocks her way, catching her foot as she hurls herself across it. She tumbles down, falling swiftly into a break in the trees, thrusting herself into a bath of sunlight. She laid sprawled face down across soft grass, feeling the coolness of dew drops clinging to its long blades.Hearing the gush of water and she finds the strength to lift her head the little bit she needs to see where the noise originates from.

The place she had landed was a clearing filled with wildflowers and graced by the beauty of a small waterfall. The grass was a luscious green and sparkled in the sunlight. As she looked around her surroundings, she felt safe and secure, something she hasn't felt before. She relished in the foreign comfort. And didn't have to look constantly over her shoulder or fret for when her father was to deal the next blow. She stood up slowly, careful not to make any sudden movements, lest the pain from her latest injuries come back. Shuffling towards the lake into which the waterfall pour, she kneels at the edge. Tiny butterflies swarm down from the treetops creating a beautiful sight. She turned back to the pond and looked at her reflection in the crystal clear water. The girl staring back at her was one she did not recognize; with her only dress, now tattered, hanging limply off her thin frail shoulders showing the malnourishment of her body. Her cheeks hollowed out and dark circles surrounding her forest green eyes which lack the sparkle they used to have. Her dull sandy blond hair laid limp down to just below her protruded shoulder blades. She looked up, not wanting to see it anymore. It made her depressed to see what she had withered away too. As she looks around she spots a bush with berries that were the color of rubies. Overcome with hunger, she raced towards the bush and picked handfuls at a time, Eating until she was satisfied. After she was finished she heard a strange buzzing sound, she whipped her head towards the noise.

 The butterflies were coming back, faster and more menacing. They swarmed her, nipping her and pecking at her reopened wounds. She began to run blindly, every step getting heavier as she as she moved. She started to feel dizzy, the world spinning around her. She tripped over a rock and fell back into the lake. The water struck her like icy knives, numbing her with pain. It was like being sucked down a black hole, water pushing towards her at every angle, making her lose her sense of direction. Her lungs burned with lack of oxygen, and she was paralyzed to the core. When she stopped her thrashing, she saw the surface drifting away while she floated down. As she realized that this was her demise, she saw the sky one last time, then her eyes shut, embracing her death. But a pale cold hand grabbed her arms, and warm golden eyes blocked her view, searing themselves in her mind.   


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