green eyes

Caitlin has had a crush on this guy since year 6, but how does she feel when he dates someone else, even if it is just to make her jealous , and what if another boy likes her?


1. the past, present and futuer


Caitlin/Caity- 11-16

Ethan/Poli- 11-16

Becky/Becca- 11

Sophie/Bones- 14-16

Emma/Emu- 14-16

Jack/jackarse- 14-16


Leama/Leah- 13-15



I stared back into my own vibrant green eyes thinking, about the past, the present and the future...



year 6

"Becca, Becca, guess what" I had screamed excitedly running towards my best friend, we had been friends since term 1, and now it was term 3,

"whoa, calm down caity" she called punching me in the arm,

"ow, that hurt" I whined,

"haha, sorry"

"anyway, guess what"

"I heard you the first time" Becca shook her head

"Becca" I whined "come on"

"ok ok, what?"

"your suppose to guess"

"no one ever does though"

"I do, so you have to"

"fine, you have a crush"


"your crush asked you out" she shrieked

"hey, hey keep it down keep it down" I blushed

"wait, who is it?" she asked, just then my crush, no my boyfriend now, Ethan walked up beside me and gave me a hug,

"wow, Caitlin, you found nerd love' Becca teased

"aw that's a bit rude"  Ethan teased her,

"fine whatever" she stormed off in a huff,

"good job" I whispered in his ear.


year 7

"what did I ever do to you?" I yelled at Ethan, so we had broken up at the end of last year, and now we were in our second term of year seven, "tell me so I can apologise" I cried, he pushed me and walked away.


year 8

the closest I got to Ethan now days was just a hi as I past him on the way to class, I still have fellings for him but they were not mutual.



year 9

"hey guys" I called to my friends,

"can I talk to you for a minute" Ethan asked me puling me to one side, we were friends now, but just friends

"so what did you want to say?"

"stop flirting with me!" he said

"oh" I blushed and looked down at my shoes,

"no it ok, I just want you to stop, I only want to be friends" he said as we started walking over to the others, "you still like me from year six don't you?" he said, I just continued looking at my feet,

"do you like her Ethan?" Emma asked him,

"no, I just want to be friends" her replied,

"oh" Emma said.

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