green eyes

Caitlin has had a crush on this guy since year 6, but how does she feel when he dates someone else, even if it is just to make her jealous , and what if another boy likes her?


3. oh crap

*Caitlin's POV*

I walked into science with my friends Sophie, Emma and Rachel. I sat at my desk beside Sophie in front of Emma and Rachel and the desks across from my friends Sarah and Charlotte.

Then I saw Lillian and Macy enter the room with Ethan,

"bugger, I hate him" I whispered to Sophie,

"I thought you liked him?" she replied

"yeah but then he kissed me this morning in front of Macy and her smart phone"


"yeah" I finished the conversation. Macy and Lillian took their seats in front of me and Ethan sat with his mate jack beside me,

"we need to talk" Lillian said

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