green eyes

Caitlin has had a crush on this guy since year 6, but how does she feel when he dates someone else, even if it is just to make her jealous , and what if another boy likes her?


4. mine now

*Caitlin's POV*

"about..." I said

"about my ex" Lillian replied

"I don't want anything to do with josh"

"not josh, Ethan" she rolled her eyes at me

"stop teasing me" I snapped

"I dumped him, he's all yours, look he is staring at you now" she glared at me

"uhuh what ever" I turned around and talked to Emma.

*Ethan's POV*

ok fine so I lost Lillian, but I can still get Caitlin back, she still is all for me so here it goes, I walked out of science and grabbed Caitlin by the wrist and pulled her to the side of the hall,

"ethan get off me" she yelled,

"no" I whispered

she pulled her hand away from me,

"what are you doing"

"just come a bit further and ill tell you"  then she grabed the front of my shirt and pushed me up against a near by wall, "have you always had such a strong grip?" I joked

"what did you want?" she whispered

"fine ill tell you here" I muttered, then I leant forward and kissed her, I put my arms around her waist and she let go of my shirt putting her arms around my neck,

"Caitlin!" I turned to see a shortish, dark haired girl, in long white socks, a short black skirt and a leather jacket, "Caitlin, what are you doing" she yelled, "sophie" she ran away back towards science,

"Leama, Leama" Caitlin yelled after her, "its not what you think" then she turned to me, "what was it?" she looked annoyed,

"im sorry" I looked at my feet,

"no I want to know what that was"

"well I guess it was a kiss"

"I know that, what does it mean?"

"it means I love you" I stuttered, she just stared at me, "I love you Caitlin" she continued to stare at me, so I leant forward and kissed her again, she replied passionately, I turned us around and pressed her up against the wall, she put her arms back around my neck, I lifted her up and she rapped her legs around my middle.

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