green eyes

Caitlin has had a crush on this guy since year 6, but how does she feel when he dates someone else, even if it is just to make her jealous , and what if another boy likes her?


5. get lost

*Caitlin's POV*

he had me pushed me up against the wall and lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his middle, making sure I didn't break the kiss, I felt his tongue trace along my lip,

"not yet" I whispered pulling back a bit, "not now or here"

"okay" he replied putting me down,

"im sorry"

"no, no its ok, I was going a bit fast" he shook his head, I hugged him and he hugged me back, "Ethan?"I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and running my fingers through his dark brown hair, "what are we?"  I whispered, he looked back at me, I could see my bright green eyes reflected there, he twisted his fingers into my hair, "whatever you want it to be" he whispered, "babe" my cheeks felt very warm,

"you know what I want this to be" I said almost seductively,

"you naughty girl" he said mockingly,

"I, I love you Ethan" I whispered

"love you too babe" he muttered, he grabbed my hand and ran down towards where my friends and I normally sat at lunch. my life felt like a dream, and as result of that my vision was a bit off,

"Caitlin!" I could see a shortish figure with long curly brown hair and what looked like blue glasses, followed by a taller figure with long frizzy black hair and dark skin, then my vision cleared and I could see my friends Sophie and Emma running towards Ethan and I, "why didn't you tell us that you two were together?" Sophie yelled at me, "why do we hear it from Leama?"

"because there was no us ten minutes ago" I yelled at her, Ethan squeezed my hand to tell me to calm down,

"hey sis" I heard a voice and turned to see a tall, skinny, red haired boy, with black glasses and a pink jumper walking up with his mates, it was josh, my non-blood related step-brother

"get lost you son of a bitch" I yelled at him, he looked shocked,

"Caitlin did you just call you mother a bitch?" emma asked me

"no, he isn't my brother" I screamed,

"yes he is" my friends replied

"no his dad married my mum that's all, his mother left him" I yelled at then, he looked hurt now, but he shook his head as if to clear it and said, "we need to talk, alone" he grabed my wrist and pulled me away,

"what do you want" I snarled, then he leant forward and kissed me, I tried to push im off but he has his hands clamped around my face, he started grinding his hip into mine, and I could feel a slight bulge on my thigh, oh crap is he serious, was all I could think. he started to run his fingers through my hair. I brought my knee up hard between his legs, he let go of me and crumpled in pain, I turned to see Ethan running fast away with his back to me, obviously he had followed us, "Ethan, wait, please come back" I yelled as I ran after him, he stoped just as I caught up and a ran straight into him knocking him over and landing on top of him, I didn't get up, he didn't push me off, but he look as though he was about to cry, "Ethan?"

"we've been together, what ten minutes and you cheat on me with your step-brother, who you hate" he said looking into my eyes,

"I didn't, that wasn't, Ethan please believe that I didn't want that" I said, close to tears I rolled off him and lay on my back beside him, but he grabbed me and pulled me back up on top of him, and kissed me, we lay there on the oval for ages, he traced my bottom lip with his tongue and I opened my mouth just enough to let him in, he gripped my hips slightly tighter and put my hands on his shoulders, eventually I puled back and laid my head on his chest, he ran his fingers through my hair, I was happy,

"oh,which girl has Ethan got in his trap now" I heard some boys call and wolf whistling, I could tell he was getting angry and I placed a hand on his chest and shook my head, "oooh, is little goody two-shoes" one of them yelled, "what's her name Caitlin? yeah that's it" ethan sat up, but I caught hold of his shoulders and pushed him back down, "ooh, she wants you mate" they laughed and walked away, I pressed my lips to his and felt happy again.

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