The touch

Emmi faces a struggle in the world, Not being normal is not easy for this little girl. She goes through hell and back finding out the truth with in her self, with the help of her dad and people along the way. She also has enemies to face, that are after to kill her and her dad. Will she find out what really happening in the world.? And find her really self ?


2. The start of the Spread

It all began on April the 16th 2012. I was born. My dad said I was a perfectly healthy baby. After three weeks everything bad started to happen. On may the 26th my mum caught something deadly. It was horrific that in one hour everything started going bad. First her veins popped, her lips turned purple and she was ice cold. After one hour and 20 minutes she died. When the doctors arrived, they examined the body, and all they sad was they didn't know what caused this. Dad started yelling at them saying that something must have cause this to happen, but all they did was take the body and left. Dad told me they seemed like they were keeping something from him.


Two days later. My auntie had to come over to look after me for a while, so dad could go too mum's funeral. When dad left, my auntie took me to her work to see if everything was running good. Everything was fine there so then we went home. At 2 o'clock The next door neighbour came over, so my auntie (Alex) but me down in my cot in the lounge room. Auntie Alex started coughing, The next door neighbour (Hazel) asked if she was okay. Auntie Alex said, she was just feeling a bit unwell. A few hours went by, they were still talking until, Hazel started screaming. She yelled out Alllleeeexx, Then ran to the lounge room grab the phone and called an ambulance and my dad. Hazel was laying next to Auntie Alex, until the ambulance arrived. They asked her all sorts of questions, like what she did last and how did she feel before this happened. Hazel was so shocked all she said was "Um". A short while after my dad arrived just as the paramedic's were tacking away Auntie Alex's body. He raced in picked me up and held me for awhile. Later dad made sure hazel was okay, when she felt better dad took her home.


On June the 23rd everything was going quite okay, but dad had no money so he had to get a job. With mum gone and Auntie Alex gone the only person that could look after me was Hazel. Dad really didn't want to put that type of pressure on Hazel considering what happen last time she was over. Hazel hasn't been the same since that day. She took it the hardest that Auntie Alex died. But she said yes to looking after me for the day, she said if she had any trouble she would call dad.  Dad left and Hazel and I went to the shop's for awhile. When we go to the shops, we were in the vegetables section when Hazel started shacking. When an old lady asked if she was okay, she said yes. But two minutes later she fainted. Everyone started to surround her, I started to cry. When she woke up some people helped her get up, she was really embarrassed so she left. When we go back to her's she quickly called dad and explained what happen, then she called a doctor. An hour later dad arrived, Hazel said she was really sorry but she couldn't look after me and that she had to call him off work, he said that was all good. Awhile after dad took me home. When we got home he sat on the lounge to see what was on the T.v., There was a death toll 20 people were dying in the city. Dad just thought it was maybe something going around nothing to bad that would affect us. After he watched a bit of the news he turned off the T.v, put me to bed and then went to bed his self. 


That night dad woke up to a bright light, it was Hazel with the lights on in her house. Dad got up and looked out the window and saw someone moving around in Hazel's house, he just said to him self it was Hazel up late again. The all a sudden Hazel ran out the door like a maniac. Dad got up and watched her look in her mail box, dad looked at the time it was 1:27am, he watch Hazel go back inside, so he went back to bed. 


The next morning dad woke and I woke up  to sirens out the front. So dad went out and checked what it was . There were a heap of people out the front for Hazel's place. Police car's and a Ambulance. Dad quickly go me dressed and him self, and ran over to Hazel's place,. There were ton's of people there, he quickly barged through with me and Said to the cops that we were close friends, So dad got pulled aside and told what happen. Apparently she got murder by some people. Dad instantly couldn't take it a broke down in tears. He picked me up and went home. When we got home dad relished that we had no milk, bread and some other food. So he decided to go to the supermarket. On the way to the supermarket there were heaps of signs saying don't go in to city, must stay away. As we went over a hill all you could see is this big fence around the gates of the city. Dad started to get worried and thought we should turn back but we didn't. We need food, so we kept going. As we go to the supermarket there were more signs saying congest don't go in, toxic leave now. Dad looked at the supermarkets and all the door's were locked no lights on and it was pitch black in there. As he walked back to the car a person smacked against the window. The person yelled out HELP HELP HELP!. Dad quickly got on the car and drove off. When we got home dad tried to turn on the lights, they didn't work. Then he tried to turn on the T.v. didn't work. He tired the phone and radio. There was nothing no power. Ten minutes later dad heard police out the front, he walked out with me in his hands, I was about 2 but with my rapped growth I was the age of 4. The police told dad to go back in side, He asked what was going on. The police man looked at me then told dad to come with them but leave me out of it. Dad said  "what no she my daughter" and before I knew it they grabbed him and left in a hurry. Before I knew it I was alone, left alone in the dark. I started to cry out for dad and no one heard me. I walked back into the house and laid in my bed and went to sleep. Trying not to cry to much and to not think about what just happened. 

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