The touch

Emmi faces a struggle in the world, Not being normal is not easy for this little girl. She goes through hell and back finding out the truth with in her self, with the help of her dad and people along the way. She also has enemies to face, that are after to kill her and her dad. Will she find out what really happening in the world.? And find her really self ?


3. I'll get back what you took from me

The next morning I heard aloud bang next door at hazels old place. All I saw was people in black out fits searching around in there. When they looked through the window they saw me and pointed towards me I ducked and when I thought they were gone I looked up, to see them walking over to my house. I quickly sprinted up stairs to grab a few blankets and clothes to get out of here. But I was to late they were breaking the door down. I had to think what I could do. So I thought dads room had the attic stairs. So I snuck around to his room and quietly went to the attic. Hoping they won't come up. As I got up I knocked over some boxes and they were coming. I had to hide but it was the attic there was no where to hide. Then I saw an old cupboard. I quickly raced in there. But first opened the window and through rope down the bottom. So it looked like I went out the window. As they came up I couldn't breath. They got closer and closer to finding me and I was frighten. There was not only one there were 3. One got closer to me and then one yelled out. She got away. So they ran down stairs and out the door. I quickly came out to see if the coast is clear. And it was. So I went down stairs grab the can of food dad had brought but we never ate, and left. I know I couldn't turn back or they will know I didn't leave. they will come back and try and find me. So I ran and didn't stop. I was sick, sick of all this happening so fast. I hated it. And the next thing I knew I passed out on the road. All I saw before I shut my eyes was 2 bright lights and a shadow.

When I woke up, I was in a bed, in a room. Looked like a house but also a hospital. I was confused as to what was happening. I got up and noticed that I had clean clothes on and I was also clean my self. I started to look around, but everything was still blurry. I felt dizzy. But I didn't know where I was. I had no clue. I slowly got up, then someone raced over to me to help. They asked "Are you alright miss?". I replied "Umm where am I". She went on to tell me where I was and why I was here. She said that they founded me passed out on the road, And that I need help. So they took me in. Apparently I have been out for about 3-4 days. I didn't have anything to say after that. After I got up, she showed me around. I wasn't the only on here there were children and old people here. They were all looking at me. I just had my head down and didn't say a thing. I asked the lady (who was showing me around) what was her names. She replied "my name is Annie", I smile. I looked around to see that all the windows where blocked up and that this was a very big house. I don't remember seeing any big houses in my area. I don't think I'm near my house at all. I mumbled " oh no". Annie said "There is nothing to worry about dear" And then also said "here we are, Some children your age. Go talk". But I was to shy to. One little girl came up to me and said hello. And I replied slowly "my name is Emmi, what it yours". She said with a cheerful grin. "My name is Isabella, but people call me Bella for short"

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