5SOS: How to Change a Bad Boy

Make a girl fall in love with you in thirty days (or less). Breaking innocent and naive girls' hearts for their own entertainment. That was the game that they played, and Luke Hemmings was the very best. When he's given a victim, he thinks it's no big deal and does it for the quick and easy cash, but he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he said he wanted a more difficult target.


3. Chapter Three

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"Just so you know, I'm only giving you one date," Autumn said to me, and I admired the way she looked in the light of the setting sun. Since she had just gotten off of work, she wore nothing too fancy: a pair of skinny jeans and a black v-neck that slightly hung off of her shoulder, revealing one of her red bra straps. I don't know how, but she looked absolutely radiant. Her blonde hair was messily braided, her teal strip peaked out of certain spots, and small pieces framed her face. She wasn't dressed up at all, but she looked absolutely beautiful.


"One date is all I need."


We walked at a slow pace and our hands accidentally brushed. She blushed and I did as well, continuing to walk, this time at a slightly faster pace.


"So what is the plan for tonight?" She asked and I smiled; I had it all planned out.


"Do you like pizza?"


She smiled. "I love pizza."


"So first, I'm taking you out to get some pizza, considering I thought I would be picking you up at eight."


"That sounds good," she said and we stopped in our tracks. I once again acknowledged how absolutely flawless she looked in that moment.


"Um...Luke, you're staring."


I blushed slightly at the fact that she had caught me. "I, um, I'm-you're beautiful," I stammered, causing a slight blush to appear on her cheeks as well.


"Well, thank you. Nobody has ever called me that before," she said with a sad smile and I frowned.


"Then it's a shame nobody will see how beautiful you look in the dark theater," I paused, quickly changing my mind, "you know, I was going to take you to see a movie, but I think we should go to the park instead. What do you think?"


"That sounds really great," she smiled. I loved her smile. Most of the time when a girl plastered a smile on her face it meant nothing to me, but with Autumn, her smile was absolutely contagious. It's really a shame that this was only for a challenge, because she seems like she's incredible.


"So how long have you known Demi?" I ask, completely changing the subject to avoid an awkward silence.


"Since we were little. I met her in elementary school, actually. I had been writing a story and asked her if she could read it, and she loved it. She then convinced me to write another chapter, and I told her she was really sweet and pretty, and we became best friends from there. I especially love her vibrant red hair, it looks so pretty on her. I hope she continues to dye it."


I smiled, soaking up her story. It reminded me a lot of my friendship with the guys.


As if she could read my mind, she asked about how I became friends with the guys. I was worried I would bore her with the details, but she said she wouldn't mind. We continued walking as I explained how I met each of the guys. "-And that's how the four of us came to be. We were no longer Ashton and Luke and Calum and Michael. We were the four of us. And it's been like that ever since. We even tried to start a band called '5 Seconds of Summer'," I chuckled, "it hasn't happened yet, but we have posted a few youtube videos."


"Oh?" She smirked and raised her eyebrows. "So earlier when I called you a rockstar, I was technically right?" She laughed. Her laugh was just like her smile: contagious.


I rolled my eyes, "I'm really not that good..."


"What's your role in the band?"


"Erm...lead singer and I play guitar."


"Perform for me sometime?" She giggled, asking with hope in her bright green eyes.


"Only, if that implies that I get to take you out again," I winked.


"We'll see," she smirked.


We arrived at Pizza Hut-such a romantic first date-and I opened the door for her. "After you, my lady."


"Well aren't you a gentleman? First you take me out to Pizza Hut, then you open doors? What's next, are you going to feed me breadsticks?" We both cracked up laughing.


"God, you're a smartass." I teased, and she stuck out her tongue.


We sat down at our table and enjoyed our pepperoni pizza. I've never eaten pizza before with anyone other than the guys. "Hey, Autumn?"


"Hey, Luke?"


"I...nevermind." I looked into her concerned green eyes and forced a smile.


"Is this the part where the cute boy acts like he's totally fine and waits until the end of the date to tell her that he's still in love with his ex girlfriend?"


"You think I'm cute?" I grinned, knowing I had caught her completely red handed.


"I-I never said that," she stammered and I smirked.


"Really? Because it almost sounded like you did?"


"Ugh. Fine. I think you're extremely cute, and I still think there's going to be cameras at the end of the date saying I won an anonymous contest to be humiliated on national television," she said, almost frowning.


"Well, there's no television, and if there's any humiliation, it'll probably just be me embarrassing myself." I said and she chuckled.


"Oh, as if you could embarrass yourself around ME."


"I don't know," I said, "those pretty green eyes of yours make me weak in the knees," I winked, getting up to go throw our trash away. "You know how you were telling me about Demi? Tell me some more."


"Why? You wanna date her now?" Autumn said sarcastically. "Um...she's about 5'2", she's absolutely hysterical, she's obsessed with Spider-Man, loves cheeseburgers, and dyes her hair bright and beautiful colors. Why?"


"Call me crazy," I said, dumbfounded, "but you just described the girl version of Michael."


"Wait...you don't think...?" She trailed off, and I nodded.


"Yup," I said, popping the 'p' sound, "I think she has a thing for Michael."


Smiles grew widely across our faces. Even though I was the king of the game, I was still extremely happy for Mikey. Every time I was with Autumn, she made me feel like a new person. Like a better guy than the jackass that messed around with girls' feelings. I'm not going to lie, we were both "fangirling" pretty hard about Demi and Mikey.


We had spent so much time in Pizza Hut that it had been two hours, and was already around 9:30. I held the door open for her again and we walked out. "So it's about 9:30, and I was thinking that maybe I should just walk you home for the night," I explained and she agreed.


"Well, if you perform for me tomorrow night, I'll let you take me out afterwards," she winked.


"What if I suck?"


"You won't, but I'll still let you take me out if you do."




I began walking her home, we lived in a small enough city that you could walk everywhere, plus she apparently lived only two blocks away from Pizza Hut.


"So tell me about yourself," she said and I shrugged.


"What do you wanna know?"


"Let's start with your family. Tell me about them."


"Well," I started out, "They're always away on business trips. So for the past couple of years, since I turned fifteen, I've practically been living by myself. What about you?"


"Pretty much the same," she explained, "mine come home every so often, though."


By the time we reached her house, it was 10:00 on the dot.


"I had a really great time tonight," I said and she lit up like a Christmas tree.


"So did I."


Without any warning, I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. Honestly, there were no sparks, there were freaking fireworks. She sent electricity through my veins, and I began to grow worried that I would black out or pass out every time that we touched.


As we pulled away, a smile grew on her face. "Goodnight, beautiful." Instead of immediately turning to walk away, I decided to bask in her beauty while I could, because in thirty days, she would be just another girl left heartbroken.

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