5SOS: How to Change a Bad Boy

Make a girl fall in love with you in thirty days (or less). Breaking innocent and naive girls' hearts for their own entertainment. That was the game that they played, and Luke Hemmings was the very best. When he's given a victim, he thinks it's no big deal and does it for the quick and easy cash, but he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he said he wanted a more difficult target.


4. Chapter Four

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"There's no way in hell you took her on a date man," Cal said, plopping down onto my couch. I invited the guys over to play some video games immediately following the date.

"I hate to admit it," Ash said, plopping down right next to him, "but I have to agree with Cal."

"Hey!" I said, jokingly insulted, whacking his arm.

He chuckled. "It's true man. She hated you yesterday."

"Maybe she just realized how attractive and charming I am," I suggested, flashing the cockiest smile I could, and the boys laughed.

"Definitely not that," Calum snorted and Michael finally came out of the other room.

"Sorry guys, I had to take a phone call."

"No problem, Mike. Was it a girl?" I asked, trying to sound completely casual.

"Actually, it was." Michael smiled proudly. "Her name is Demi, and I'm thinking about asking her to be my girlfriend. She's stunning."

Ash and I gave him a round of applause while Cal just scoffed. "You have a...girlfriend?" He spat out the word like it was dry and tasteless. "You can't have a girlfriend. Those aren't the rules."

Michael sighed. "There's more to life than the game, Cal."

"Well," Cal said, standing up and walking over to Mike. "If you're happy, then I guess you'd better ask her out before somebody else beats you to it," he winked, patting Mikey on the back. Michael was out of there before you could even say goodbye.

I was uncertain about how to react to Cal's actions. He went from "player" to "I sort of have a heart" in about two seconds.

"Luke, you seriously need proof that you went on a date with her," Cal said, again returning back into his "player" self.

"Hold on." I pulled out my phone and the receipt I had her number scribbled down on. I quickly dialed her number and put it on speaker for Calum and Ashton to hear.

"Hey Autumn, it's Luke. I hope you had fun on our date tonight."

"I had a blast! Although, I'm pretty sure that was the only pizza date I've ever been on...it's definitely not a bad thing though!" She giggled, making my face light up.

"So, I was thinking you could come over and I'll hold up to my side of our deal?"

"You mean the deal I made where if you perform, I'd possibly let you take me out? I'll consider it. Call you later, rockstar."

"Bye," I said, hanging up the phone. Ashton looked thoroughly impressed and Calum looked upset.

"Did you pay her?"

"What?! Of course not!"

"Alright. Well, I am impressed. I have no idea how you did it, but you got her to be interested in you. Now you just need to make her fall in love with you." He chuckled.

"Luke, this is going to be impossible. Even for you," Ash said, cracking up along with Cal.

"Okay, okay," I raised my hands in defeat. "This may be harder than I thought, but I still know that I can do it."

"Okay, rockstar," Ashton mocked in his best girl voice and Calum made kissing noises.

"Oh shut up." I waved them off, and sat down, finally starting to actually play the game.

The next morning I woke up at 9 with a text from Autumn saying that she couldn't make it over because she was sick. Thinking it was an excuse to bail on our date, I had gotten up, gotten dressed, and drove over to her house with my guitar laying across the backseat.

I knocked on the door a few times until she finally answered. "Oh my god, Luke!" She shrieked, shutting the door in my face. "You can't see me like this!"

I chuckled and knocked again, waiting as she slowly opened the door. She was in her penguin pajama pants with a tank top, her hair up in a messy bun, and her cheeks were flushed.

"I think you look beautiful, sick or not," I flashed a signature smile, causing her to roll her eyes. "Plus, penguins are my favorite," I winked.

"Well, as sweet as it is that you came, I'm sick. You should go home."

"Wow, trying to get rid of me twice in twenty four hours. You're great at this dating thing," I said sarcastically. "Now, please let me in, I brought a guitar to serenade you with."

She slowly obliged and walked into her large and empty house, where she led me upstairs to her room. We both sat down on her bed and I began strumming a couple of chords. I sang her two songs our band had written: "unpredictable" and another one called "heartbreak girl". It ended with a round of applause and her repeatedly reminding me that I didn't suck.

"Are you sure you sure you don't mind seeing me like this?" She asked, sniffling every five seconds.

"I'm sure. I think you're beautiful just how you are. Honestly, I never understood why girls would always dress up before I took them on a date. I've never actually had a serious girlfriend before."

"That's hard to believe. I'm pretty sure our five dollar pizza and our walk home saved you a fortune. I'm sorry I wasn't expecting a limo," she chuckled.

I laughed along with her and soon she started to yawn. "Hey Luke?"

"Hey Aut?"

"Aut," she smiled, "that's cute. I kind of like it. I'm exhausted. I was up all night. You should probably go home," she yawned again.

"Alright," I had meant to leave, but I soon found the two of us passed out on her bed. Her head was on my chest, and one of my arms was wrapped around her.

I was mad at myself for being weak at just the slightest touch from her. I needed to stay away from her, without actually staying away from her. I was sound asleep with my victim secure in my arms. I just wish I would have known at the time that I was digging myself a hole too deep to climb out of.

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