5SOS: How to Change a Bad Boy

Make a girl fall in love with you in thirty days (or less). Breaking innocent and naive girls' hearts for their own entertainment. That was the game that they played, and Luke Hemmings was the very best. When he's given a victim, he thinks it's no big deal and does it for the quick and easy cash, but he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he said he wanted a more difficult target.


12. chapter 12

A/N: oops. Next chapter. I love you guys so much. xx I'll update a couple of times this weekend. This chapter was inspired by the song "Goodnight Moon" by Go Radio. Enjoy xx


"I love you, Demi," Michael said and I tried my hardest not to gag. Being their first 'I love you's I was hoping I was not around when they exchanged them.

"Aw, I love you too, Michael," Demi said, immediately kissing him.

I thought I was going to be sick. I had no idea why I agreed to come on this stupid "pizza run" with them. It had become more of a date in which I was the third wheel.

"Jealous, Lucas?" Demi smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"I hate you, Dimitria."

"No you don't. You wanna know why?" She asked, slightly gaining my interest.


"Because I finally, after three days, convinced my hobo best friend to come back to the apartment," Demi proudly stated, grinning.

"And this helps me how exactly?" I knew I had sounded ungrateful but I continued anyways, "Autumn's never ever going to speak to me again."

Michael nodded in agreement and I shot him a glare. If I had been sitting next to him rather than across from him, he would've been getting smacked.

"Just talk to her, loser," Michael said and Demi giggled.

"Oh you're real nice," I replied sarcastically. "I think we should head over there right now."

"But I'm not done with my pizza," Mikey whined and Demi whispered something in his ear. "On second thought, we should leave now," he said, causing Demi to wink at me.

By the time we had gotten to the apartment, Autumn's car was parked right out front. I immediately prayed she wouldn't be mad at me, but as soon as I walked into the house, I bumped into her. She was wearing her penguin pajamas and had a bowl of strawberries in her hands.

"Oh I was just leaving," she awkwardly gushed and walked toward the door.

"Autumn, wait," I grabbed her hand and turned her toward me, crashing my lips against hers. She was struggling to pull away and I smirked, giving her the advantage to stop.

"Luke," she whispered and looked at the floor, "I don't think there should be an...us."

My smirk fell right off of my face. "Autumn, no, please."

"I really don't think we should be together after all that has happened."

"I love you," I quickly spit out, trying to be manly enough not to cry, but the tears just kept coming.

"I...I have to go now," she rushed up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door. I sat down on the couch as the wind was just knocked out of me.

"You okay, bud?" Michael asked me, placing a hand on my shoulder and I sighed.

"I've really screwed up with her, Mike. She's never going to forgive me."

"She will. Just give it time."

"I agree. She will," Demi said, "and I have an idea."

She whispered something into Mikey's ear and his face lit up as he nodded.

A few seconds later, Ashton and Danica showed up with bags of Wendy's.

"Hey party people, we brought food!" Ashton announced, handing out everyone's individual orders. "Where's Aut?" He asked and everyone gestured to the stairs. He walked up, gave her the food, and came down.

Mikey and Ash started to argue about whether or not Ash was jealous of the loving relationship that Michael and Demi had. I saw the opportunity to sneak around to the side of the place and climb up to the balcony of Autumn's room.

I tapped on the glass of the windows a few times but she couldn't hear me. My sound was being drowned out by Blink 182, which she had on probably the highest volume possible. When she noticed me, she walked toward the window and shut the blinds.

"Oh, cool," I muttered to myself and climbed down, only to meet Demi, who had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot. A slight smirk appeared across her face, and she whispered her idea to me.

"But first I need to get her to talk to me, don't I?" I asked and she nodded. I sighed and walked over to my car, pulling something out of it. "I think I have an idea, but I don't know how well it'll work," I said, picking up a handful of rocks and tossing them at her window. She had finally turned down her music and walked over to the window, rolling her eyes at the sight of me. I continued throwing the rocks until I had gone through a handful, and began strumming a few chords on my guitar as I started to sing.

"And there you were, as I saw my Juliet come graceful down the stairs, it's hard to miss the way her eyes light up the room and still the air, just feel her lips lock on to every breath I take and breathe it in. Do you feel us falling? Cause I feel us falling."

By the time I had finished the first part I was going to sing, she had slightly cracked her window. I knew then that she was listening.

"So goodnight moon and goodnight you, when you're all that I think about, all that I dream about, how'd I ever breathe without a goodnight kiss from goodnight you, the kind of hope they all talk about, the kind of feeling we sing about, sit in our bedroom and read aloud, like a passage from goodnight moon," I sang, noticing that she had now been sitting on the ledge of her balcony, listening and watching me play.

I set down my guitar and climbed up onto her balcony, sitting down next to her. In a faint whisper I sang one last part to her, "Do you feel us falling?"

A slight smile appeared on her face, but quickly disappeared when she realized what was happening. "Luke...I," she paused in search of the right words to say. "Luke, that was very sweet but I'm not...we aren't," I placed a finger to her lips.

"Please, give me one last chance," I pleaded and she looked at me with sad eyes.

"I don't know, Luke."

"Please. Demi and Michael planned a mystery date for us," I handed her the first card.

"Go to the Ice cream parlor on the corner of Birch street and Everest. On your way, state one thing you love about each other. When you get there, order your favorite treat for the other. There you will find the next card," she read aloud. "I don't know," she said, looking at me.

"Please, Autumn?" I asked again, looking into her eyes and she caved.

"Okay, fine," she said and I could picture my four psychotic friends cheering downstairs. "Let me grab a jacket first," she climbed through the window to grab a jacket. She climbed back through with a leather jacket I had previously lent to her.

"I told you it looks better on you," I winked and she rolled her eyes.

"What's up with you and windows, anyways?"

"Maybe it's not the window. Maybe it's the pretty girl on the other side," I winked again, helping her down.

"Now, I agreed to go on this date, but I never agreed to have fun."

"Don't worry," I smirked, "I'll make sure you do." We began walking and I turned to her. "One thing you like about me."

"Oh damn, this is a hard one."

"Why, because there's so many options?" I said, grinning cockily.

"No, actually. It's because the lack of options," she said matter-of-factly.

"Well, I'm hurt." I said, fake pouting, and she rolled her eyes.

"I like that you can make me laugh," she told me.

"Ha ha nice one. I like that you're a total smart-ass. Sarcasm is kind of sexy with you," I winked.

"Don't push it."

I raised my hands up in defeat as we continued walking to the ice cream parlor.

I had one more shot.

And this time, I wasn't going to blow it.

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