The first book in the Anastasia Dark sequence. Who is the girl named Amy who has appeared at Will's school? And what does she want with him, the most talented trainee demon slayer in the country?


5. Story of my lies

Amy's p.o.v.

So, he knew Celia. That would probably explain my attraction to him, her scent probably still lingered on his body. Most people wouldn't notice but then I'm not most people. Celia had been tangy, and I suppose that could have come from love. I reminisced about that night. My bite had been on her neck for a couple of years, and I'd pinpointed her down to a few houses. I'd been feeling her all holiday, but she'd been at another's house. As soon as she'd returned to her own, in what would normally be one of the most protected areas in the city, I'd pounced, turning her into more than human. So much more. The hunters trained during school holidays, leaving only a skeleton force on protection. It had been easy draining the girl.

Ce was now my best friend, my only companion of the night. Our friendship may have seemed a tad unusual to, well, humans, but it was now by her choice. She could leave at any time, but she chose not too.

'Where are you from?' he burst out, breaking the silence.

'Because of the lack of a bite?' I asked, 'I - uh I'm, well - I'm an orphan.' I stumbled, hoping that pity, if nothing else, would shut him up.

'Oh...' his voice trailed off. Well, pity seemed to be the way into his mind, so I decided to up the ante a little. I always found that boys were big ol' fans of a little bit of heartrending clique.

'I was just a little girl when they died, only nine. The monsters came for them, they came pouring out of the dark into our house, smashing and tearing and burning everything. They came in droves with their faces lit up by the fires that used to be our lives and we screamed. Ohh, we screamed so loudly. I fled, fled to the back of the house in terror, shivering and shaking like a leaf blown by the winds of change. But I left my brother. I left Daniel to die. I left him back with the Daemons of the storm and they killed him Will. They tore his head off and drained his life blood out of his body. They butchered my parents, killed all of our friends who had been staying over for my father's birthday. Then they went looking for me. They scoured the house time and time again. I heard them searching all around me. I SAW Daniel's head, slung over one of those beast's shoulder but I did not make a single squeak. I stuffed my hand hand into my mouth and I cowered in my hiding place - a secret room.' At this point I was leaning forward and almost yelling the words at him. They seemed to be having an affect too so I made my rant even more dramatic. 'I could see out through a cleverly concealed crack and I saw their faces... OHHH how could I ever forget those faces, twisted with malice and hatred and so determined to get their own back. I saw them, all shapes and kinds. I saw their leader.' At this point I decided to describe an old friend of mine. She was probably dead, so no-one would realise, least of all this boy. 'It took the form of a child, almost a year older than me. Done in mockery, her form was so similar to mine, with the flat chest and the pure unadulterated innocence of childhood. Her face was different though. She wore a cloak, which hooded her face but her eyes glowed black. Physics says that black cannot give radiance but this sheer darkness did. It at once illuminated and hid the room. They brought all eyes to hers and they flicked over anything and everything, as though they could see through solid walls. I thought that they met mine, briefly, because she seemed to almost smile. She gestured to her companions and they turned to her. She told them that their task was done, that they should leave and so they did. She walked up to the secret latch and opened the door and then I screamed out so loudly, so scared. She glanced at my neck and then spoke. "Anastasia Drake will rise, and your blood will sustain her. She will drain you child. I tell you this so that you can tell the one person who can stop her. Your family are dead, you have no hope but there is one person who can save all of your species. Find them and tell them what I have told you." I asked her why she was doing this and this she answered: 'I will enjoy watching them fail." She smiled and then her eyes seemed to 'glow' brighter until they consumed her in shadow. She was gone, and I was an orphan.'

'Why are you telling me this?' he asked, with yet more misguided pity strewn across his features.

'Because I believe that you are the one. I believe that you can stop this Anastasia Drake and I believe with all of my heart that you can save my life.' Then he froze and I did my best not to laugh. Hook, line and sinker. Sucker.

OK, who hates Amy. I have to say that I got quite emotional writing that whole clique speech thing. Poor, innocent Will. He is seriously taken in by her. Hope you, my dear, nonexistent drakians enjoyed this chappie.

Till next time


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