The first book in the Anastasia Dark sequence. Who is the girl named Amy who has appeared at Will's school? And what does she want with him, the most talented trainee demon slayer in the country?


1. Preface

The boy lay in bed, sweating slightly but fast, fast asleep. The door slipped open, and a small figure slipped in. The girl was slight, like a breath of wind might blow her away, and beautiful. She looked to be about eighteen years old, to the boy's ten or eleven. She smiled at the sight of him, but it was a cold smile, on a cold face. She bent over the boy, and sank fangs that appeared out of nowhere into his unmarked neck. The blood pulsed into her mouth, and her back arched, the pleasure that ran through her was perfect. She drained his life blood, his energy, and she feasted on it, in that little bedroom.

A noise startled her, and her fangs retracted. As soon as they left his body, the cuts reduced to two tiny little scars, the mark of a demon bite.

'Will?' The voice was from downstairs. 'Will? You allright up there?' The boy stirred, and in the split second before his eyes opened, the window was open, and the girl was gone.

'Mum?' he touched his neck, feeling the scars. He screamed, and the silence was shattered, the spell cast by the demon who had visited in the night destroyed.

His mother came thundering up the stairs, she saw the open window, and she knew how pointless chasing the monster would be. She ran to her son, touched the scars and comforted him. She showed him her scars. She told him lies, so many lies, just to keep his heart from breaking.

His innocence was gone, and now, if he was unlucky, the demon had taken enough to claim him, to return, to steal him. If it wanted.

Inside her heart, she vowed revenge. The beast had hurt her son. Someday, she would find the monster, and she would have her revenge for two tiny scars on the neck of a boy.

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