The first book in the Anastasia Dark sequence. Who is the girl named Amy who has appeared at Will's school? And what does she want with him, the most talented trainee demon slayer in the country?


3. New blood

Amy's P.O.V.

I looked at him on the bus, and it wasn't him that I saw. I didn't know his name. Most people looked pretty similar to me, I had never seen one stand out like that. I'd never seen a boy who looked like Daniel. I couldn't think about Daniel. I forced him, once again, from my mind.

When I entered the classroom I could see from the teacher's face that she was going to put me next to the boy who I had decided to call fake, seeing as I didn't know his name. I had a job to do, and I couldn't let 'fake' ruin it for me. I Changed her mind at the last moment, deciding to let her choose who to seat me by, excluding fake, of course.

The kid I ended up next to was only too keen to introduce himself. He reminded me of some form of dog, weak willed and slavish in his affections. I hoped that it wasn't his blood, tainted by my energies, that had called me there. I liked to think that I had better taste than that.

I saw fake glancing at me a few times. I liked to think that I didn't miss anything, and despite what he probably thought I saw him looking. I'd thought that he would be harder to crack than just ignoring him, the silent boys often were, but this one appeared to have melted. Of course it could have been because of his friend, puppy boy that he was staring, but I saw no justifiable reason to diminish my ego.

Jonathan, which seemed to be the adorers name, was still talking

"Anyway if that film doesn't suit there's always a load of other stuff on,"

He fell silent, his cheeks burning as he noticed that his entire class was staring at his attempt to ask me out.

The teacher looked at us, glaring.

"There is a reason why this is called a maths class! If I hear one more word out of you, Jonathan, then you will find yourself in detention!"

She returned her attention to the lesson.

"I am sending out a message to each of your tables! This is an exercise you will each complete and send back to me!"

I was good at maths, good at a lot of things so I danced through the questions, finishing them way before anyone else did. I used the opportunity to scan the room. I knew that the person I was looking for would be in here, in this class, and I knew that nobody would touch another's marks.

So who was it?

I decided to rule out puppy boy, in the end he was just too pathetic, drooling all over me like I was his chew you. At this point I was slightly bored of the highly overused puppy metaphor, but it had to be said that it was an accurate analogy, I mean, that kid needed to get a life at some stage, and he seemed, at age seventeen, a long way from any vaguely self aware status.

That left twenty or so possibilities. I could have marked any of them, and all I knew was that the pull was from this class. I read the children I chose, so that ruled out the unattractive or stupid ones. I scowled, nobody in the class stood out. I decided to wait: the dreams would start soon, and when they did it would be easy to recognize who it was. The pull was strong, it would only be a matter of time.

I followed the class to whatever lesson we had next. This was obviously not going to be an in out retrieval, and in an area like this where tensions were high the squads of Demon Hunters, as they were called, were on every street. Believe it or not I'd had practice at avoiding the 'good guys.' Most of us had. First part of any disguise was a boyfriend. A human boyfriend as opposed to one of the same species, apparently humans could sense that we were... else.

None of the boys were unmarked, and I couldn't bear to have to snuggle up to Dan, or Josh or whatever his name was. I recalled the boy on the bus, I'd caught him looking, and he was attractive. He also seemed impressed by my unbitten neck.

If anyone had looked at me at that moment, they might have seen a winged figure flickering around my own, as I smiled a smile that wouldn't have looked out of place on a shark, but through some miracle nobody in that crowded hallway looked twice. Soon I would add a new member to the cause.

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