The first book in the Anastasia Dark sequence. Who is the girl named Amy who has appeared at Will's school? And what does she want with him, the most talented trainee demon slayer in the country?


2. Amy

Will's P.O.V.


First day back after the summer holidays. I hated it that day. I resented my mother's waking me up, shaking me to make sure that I was OK. I told her the truth, I told her that I didn't need her fussing. It was my last year of school, after all, and after this I got to achieve my dreams, to became a Demon slayer. My fantasising about the future was interrupted by this girl. She was obviously new, in our year and I hadn't seen her before. She sat down next to me on the bus, pulled out her phone, and began texting some people who I'd never heard of before. Talking about antisocial.

My friend, Jon, walked down the aisle of the bus. He saw me with the girl, saw the girl and immediately began staring. Fine, she was kinda cute, hair dark, cut short. Also unblemished. In this area it was rare for people to make it to ten without being marked. I'd got to eleven when I was, visited. Apparently my mum never saw the Demon, but she knew that something was wrong. I knew that that wasn't true: she was always checking on me, determined that I wouldn't be drained, be turned. Seven years later and she was still terrified. I guessed that since the girl wasn't from round here, or she would have gone to our school before, she might have escaped notice.

We arrived at school, a dismal looking building with grim, brick walls and bars on the window. It used to be a prison, apparently, but after twenty years ago the government started using all criminals as soldiers, fighting in the mysterious crossover. a year later the crossover had sealed itself, taking all of the soldiers, and undesirables. The Demons' latest attempt to take over our world had failed. My mother was left in the first stages of pregnancy, with me. My father was killed in the fighting. Course there were rumors that the attempts to stop the crossover from succeeding had failed, that something had come through. Legends. Nonsense.

I was distracted from my musing by Jon appearing behind me

"Dude, who exactly was that chick?" he asked.

"How should I know? I didn't talk to her, she went on her phone, and I just sat there." I answered truthfully.

"A fit girl turns up, sits next to you and you don't even ask her name!" Jon was incredulous, for him the idea of not flirting with any, and every girl in his immediate vicinity was completely ridiculous.

I sighed, shook my head resignedly and walked into the building. I sat in the classroom, catching up with all the people who I hadn't spoken to for months. Our new classroom was smaller than its predecessor, but had one of the newer hologram projectors. The seats were also better quality; the old ones were completely ruined from people messing around.

The bell rang, and the new form teacher entered. Her name was Ms Jonas, and she'd drilled it into our heads when we met her at the end of the summer term that it was Ms, not Mrs or miss. Apparently she was strict, but fair, and could be quite good fun when she could be bothered.

"Well! I trust that you have had a good holiday!" Every sentence seemed to have an exclamation mark.

I tuned out the rest of her speech. From what I heard it seemed to be mainly about hard work. I only really heard the end of her drone.

"So! This is our new student! Amy! You will sit next to Jonathan!"

The girl, Amy, moved over to Jon. Despite myself I felt jealous. I don't know why, I mean, I had no interest in her. I had no interest whatsoever in any kind of relationship at all. Not after Celia.

Ohh, cliffhanger, but who is Celia. Well, get used to disappointment, because my phones running out. Also, I honestly have to say that I prefer using my laptop. Enough of a ramble for a chapter that I fear will remain mainly unread, and unliked, or favorited. However, if you're actually reading this, then don't stop. Believe me, I have plans for Will, and the oh so mysterious Amy. At this point an evil laugh is called for.


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