Leiner Triplets in Hogwarts 1

Three 10 year old triplet girls, Taylor, Genesis, and MaryJo Leiner, live in London across the street from an old broken down house they like to play "wizard" in. They pick up sticks and pretend to cast spells. Then, their birthday rolls around. All of a sudden three barn owls swoop in and drop one letter each in their hands. They open them, it's their Hogwarts letters! They're dissapointed because they can't go, they don't know where it is! They attempt to cheer themselves up by a round of "wizard" in the old house ruins, and find that it has turned into a castle! Their stuff is delivered and in the great hall next to their seats. What happens to these girls that makes them so special at Hogwarts?


3. The Birthday Surprise

The girls woke up to their parents with three trays of pancakes and orange juice. "Good morning!" "Good morning mum," the girls said in perfect unison. "We're not 11 until lunchtime sisters, so don't get too happy yet." "You're right, MaryJo. But I'm still so excited!" "Us too!" Exclaimed MaryJo and Genesis. Their mum replied, "We're expecting some special mail for you girls at lunchtime as well so keep an eye out for them." The girls blew out their candles at 12:30 for MaryJo, 12:28 for Taylor, and 12:33 for Genesis, their exact birthdays. "Look! What is it?" Taylor pointed at the window. "Can't you see? It's an owl! There's something on its leg." MaryJo pointed out. Genesis confidently stated, "It's a letter tied to its leg! That must be the special mail! But why by one owl? Is it only one of us getting it or one each but with one owl?" "Don't be stupid," MaryJo told her sisters, "there's two more behind him! Three barn owls total which must mean one letter each!" "Let's let them in! Taylor, leave that stick behind. You might kill one of the owls or one of us!" Genesis stated loud and clear. Taylor replied with a simple "ok." The girls ran to the window, their parents not far behind. "Girls, this is what your father and I discussed about the other day," their mum stated. "The owls will have letters for you each and the owl with the letters addressed to each of you, are from the beautiful owls so to show our gratitude, we shall give the owls a mouse to eat. I have some here. If the owl responds in a positive way, it's yours to keep. So, be very gentle while giving it the mouse." They gave the mice to the owls. They responded by affectionately nipping each girl's index finger. They untied the letters from the owls' legs. This was it. Their birthday surprise.

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