Leiner Triplets in Hogwarts 1

Three 10 year old triplet girls, Taylor, Genesis, and MaryJo Leiner, live in London across the street from an old broken down house they like to play "wizard" in. They pick up sticks and pretend to cast spells. Then, their birthday rolls around. All of a sudden three barn owls swoop in and drop one letter each in their hands. They open them, it's their Hogwarts letters! They're dissapointed because they can't go, they don't know where it is! They attempt to cheer themselves up by a round of "wizard" in the old house ruins, and find that it has turned into a castle! Their stuff is delivered and in the great hall next to their seats. What happens to these girls that makes them so special at Hogwarts?


1. Ordinary Girls

There once were three ten year old triplet girls named Taylor, MaryJo, and Genesis Leiner. They lived in a beautiful house in England with their parents Michelle and Cornelius Leiner. They were a happy family with a perfect life. Michelle went to Bingo every other Thursday, Cornelius went bowling every other Wednesday, and the girls would roam and play "wizard" in some old house ruins across the street. They would go to the ruins every time both of their parents were home allowing them to watch their favorite show on the Telly. When they thought their life was perfect, everything began to change. June 21, the day before the girls' birthday, they played in the ruins dressed in long sleeved shirts, kaki pants, ties, and their parents' old bath robes. They made up their own spells and used them with sticks as wands and birds or insects as enemies. Taylor happened to make up the words 'Avada Kadevra' at a grasshopper and with a flash of green from her stick, the grasshopper fell over, dead. She ran over to it and tried to wake it up, but it wouldn't work. She tried out the spell again on a bird this time. The bird fell out of a tree, as well, dead. She screamed at what she had done, picked

up the bird, and ran inside, crying, "MUM!!! MUM!!!!! I don't know what I did but I said some words that I made up, pointed my stick at this bird, and there was green light and it was dead!" Michelle looked down at her daughter. Her face shocked and terrified. "Oh no." She muttered loud enough for the girls to hear. "Cornelius! CORNELIUS!!! I need to talk to you NOW!!!!" The girls' father rushed into the room. "What's wrong?!?! Are any of you hurt?!?!" His eyes wandered to the bird, "Oh no." Michelle took her husband's hand and led him to their bedroom. MaryJo was the only girl who heard a little of what her mum was saying. Four simple words from her mum's mouth to her father's ears, "Your great great grandmother."



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