Leiner Triplets in Hogwarts 1

Three 10 year old triplet girls, Taylor, Genesis, and MaryJo Leiner, live in London across the street from an old broken down house they like to play "wizard" in. They pick up sticks and pretend to cast spells. Then, their birthday rolls around. All of a sudden three barn owls swoop in and drop one letter each in their hands. They open them, it's their Hogwarts letters! They're dissapointed because they can't go, they don't know where it is! They attempt to cheer themselves up by a round of "wizard" in the old house ruins, and find that it has turned into a castle! Their stuff is delivered and in the great hall next to their seats. What happens to these girls that makes them so special at Hogwarts?


2. Great Great Grandmother

Genesis heard a little of what they were saying as well. She heard the words later though. Four words as well. "The letters come tomorrow." This time, from her father to her mum. "What do you think they mean by 'The letters come tomorrow' and 'your great great grandmother'?" Genesis asked her sisters. "I can't figure out what they mean and I've finished a 1,000 piece puzzle and set up the new Telly in 1 minute!" Stated MaryJo. "Don't be such a show off." Said Taylor. "I may have killed a bird from 1/4 of a kilometer away with a strangely shaped stick, but at least I'm not rubbing it in your face!" MaryJo admitted, "You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just really confused with where this whole situation is going!" "It's okay." Taylor replied. "Now that we've gotten this chat over with," Genesis interrupted, "can we work on figuring this out?" The girls all mumbled, "ok." They worked for hours and hours and gave up only when their mum started to fix them all dinner. They had steak and rice with fruit punch like they always did the night before their birthday. They fell asleep at the table but Taylor was the only one who woke up when their mum and dad picked them up and carried them to bed. They decided to figure out what the letters were and if they had any connection with their dad's great great grandmother.


Hey guys! I know this was a kinda short chapter but there's more coming up! Thanks for reading my fan fiction! I worked really hard on it! :) next chapter is about their birthday and I'm saving the rest to tell you in the chapter! Thanks again!

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