Leiner Triplets in Hogwarts 1

Three 10 year old triplet girls, Taylor, Genesis, and MaryJo Leiner, live in London across the street from an old broken down house they like to play "wizard" in. They pick up sticks and pretend to cast spells. Then, their birthday rolls around. All of a sudden three barn owls swoop in and drop one letter each in their hands. They open them, it's their Hogwarts letters! They're dissapointed because they can't go, they don't know where it is! They attempt to cheer themselves up by a round of "wizard" in the old house ruins, and find that it has turned into a castle! Their stuff is delivered and in the great hall next to their seats. What happens to these girls that makes them so special at Hogwarts?


4. A/N

Hey guys! Not really a chapter but I'm gonna start doing the thing where there's the character's name and what they say now. Sorry for not updating sooner and the fact that this is not really a chapter! I'll try to make the chapters longer from now on! Thanks for reading my movella! Remember, like, favorite, fan, and comment!!! Luv ya guys! <3

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