My unwanted life!

Why did my parents find my hopes and dreams a bunch of unread newspapers? The things that matter most to me my parents thought was a bunch of trash.
Well that's me the 14 year old who could never get a single friend with a kind warm smile that could only


3. It was then

I shuffled onto the night sky bus where my set was. It was my set no one else's,I don't no why I guess that I had sat their ever since I had start AppleWood High.

It was the stop at Gum Rd that made my day. A girl with bright blossom funky glasses asked to sit beside me. She looked new so I answered yes with a polite tone in my croaky voice. Her name was Lucy Destiny she told me that about 12 times all the way to school. Boy does that girl ever shut up.I thought a few times I wonder what class's Lucy was in, the teacher would have a lot on their hands then! But I do feel sorry for the girl it would be hard fitting in when your a year 10 when everybody already has their best friends and groups of friends. Besides me.

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