My unwanted life!

Why did my parents find my hopes and dreams a bunch of unread newspapers? The things that matter most to me my parents thought was a bunch of trash.
Well that's me the 14 year old who could never get a single friend with a kind warm smile that could only


2. An average start

My alarm clock woke me up at my normally time 6:30am with a ear shocking ping. It was the start to my day.

My sloppy uniform covered the body that I wasn't proud of owning. A rich black head band pulled back my frizzy hair. And a pair of sea green socks covered my ankles. And a whip of makeup restored the ugliness of the true me.

As the milk from my cereal touched my lips a cold prick ran down my back once the liquid had passed my throat the cold ran away. I was rocking the mug of tea in my scrubby hands until I could hear my parents getting out of the shower which I wouldn't like to make eye contact with nether of them.

I knew what time their would say 5 more minutes but then stay in for 25 minutes then they said they would, the time that my mum puts on her contact lenses, the time that they would moan because one would be in the shower and the other using the sink. I would love to have parents who would get when their alarm rang and had breakfast with their daughter and took her to the bus stop and watched her get on, but I knew that was never gonna happen. I just have to look at the bright side of things.

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