dangerous love

Harry's a hot teen vampire in love with a hot teen girl. When she finds out Harry's a vampire all hell shortly breaks loose. Yes, I'm @dirextioner_ on wattpad this is my account on here!


2. chapter 2

"Tomorrow one of my friends is Coming over and.." I said before Harry interrupted me and said "do I need to leave?"

"No not at all! You can just Invite one of you're friends over!" I said as a sigh of relief escaped his mouth.

"Okay but, let's go out now to the park!" He said standing up and putting on some clothes.

"Now?" I asked him very confused.

"Yah! Now!" He said pulling my naked body up and throwing me clothes.

I quickly slid them on and grabbed my phone! We walked down stairs and out the door.

We decided not to drive cause it was more romantic while walking.

We walked down the sidewalk at 12:30 at night. It was basically my most romantic date ever. Until this happened.

We got to the park and noticed a man standing about 50 feet from us. I got scared cause why is he out here at 12:30?

"Let's just leave Harry!" I said scared cause the man was walking towards us.

"I think that's a good idea too!" Harry said grabbing my arm and walking faster than usual.

As the man got closer we realized it wasn't a man at all, it was a woman. Well basically a prostitute cause of the clothes she was wearing.

I don't know why but something told me that Harry knew this girl before.

"Harry do you know her?" I whispered still facing forward as we walked.

"Yah, she's also a vampire and she stays out late looking for prey so we need to get you home." He said and panic flooded my body.


"Yah baby?"

"I'm scared."

"Don't be baby, I'll protect you no one will ever hurt you!" Our conversation went just as a hand landed on my shoulder and pulled me from Harry's grip.

She stood there with her fangs out ready to drain every inch of me out. Harry knew when to stop sucking blood from me so he wouldn't kill me but this girl just wanted to kill me.

"Scarlett, don't!" Harry said to her.

"Sorry, Harry I don't know why you haven't already I mean I could hear her heartbeat a mile away." She said tracing a finger where she was gonna bite.




"Cause I love her!!" He said with his face turning red.

"Why did he say it like that?"

"I thought he Already loved me?" All the thoughts filled my head.

Just then a shadow appeared behind us and pulled me away from Scarlett's grip!

He held me while Harry attacked Scarlett!

I watched as hands and feet flew through the air. I heard screams from both but at the end I saw Scarlett run to the top of the building and run off.

"Damnit!" Harry said wiping off his hand and walking towards us.

"Thanks zayn!" Harry said leaning in for a hug.

"No problem! Here for you anyday!" Zayn said leaning away after the hug.

"Uh, zayn thanks for saving me!" I said giving him a hug and I turned around to see jealousy fill his eyes. I didn't say anything I just walked over to Harry and felt his arm wrap around me.

"So you love a human huh?" Zayn said laughing.

"Yep, pretty risky huh?" Harry said squeezing me closer.

"It is but if you truly do love this girl with all you're heart then be with her, don't let anyone break the bond y'all have." He said with a small smile on his face.

"You're so poetic!" Harry joked to zayn.

"Well I have to go home carly needs me!" He said before running away almost of the speed of light.

"I didn't know y'all could run that fast?" I said looking up at Harry.

"I can't, he can!" Harry said with a sad face on his face.

Let's just get home before that happens ever again. We got home and ran upstairs for night 2.

Harry threw me onto the bed and jumped on top of me looking into my eyes.

"Can I just fuck you every night?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Please do." I said.

Harry ripped my shirt in half and threw it onto the ground, it didn't really matter though cause I could by tons more. Once my shirt was off my bra was off shortly after. He played with one in one hand and licked and sucked on the others.

He let go of both of my boobs and trailed kisses from my cleavage to my belt. He took off my belt and pants leaving me in only my panties.

"You're already wet I see." He said teasing me by tracing his finger on the outside of my panties.

"Oh just fuck me already!" I said to Harry.

So he did.

He pulled off my panties and without warning shoved his massive dick inside me.

After about 4 minutes of him thrusting inside me sweat began to drip off his curls and hit my naked body.

I didn't really pay much attention to it cause it felt so good.

After sex we sat on the couch not too close but not too far apart.

A knock at door sounded and I jumped up to open the door.

It was zayn.

Harry said "Oh yah Hannah, I forgot to tell you zayn was Coming!"

"Should I leave?" Zayn asked pointing behind him.

"No, no, it's fine. Come on in!" I said motioning my hand to bring him in.

"Bathroom?" He asked me.

"Yah, ill show you were it's at!" I said going ahead of him I opened the bathroom door and zayn pulled me in.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked him.

"Look Hannah, you're so fucking hot and im jealous of Harry!" He said grabbing my wrist and looking into my eyes.

"Look, me and Harry are pretty serious and I don't know if I like you like that anyway!" I said pulling my wrist away.

He leaned in for a kiss and I had no time to deny it. It was too late we were having a full on make out. I didn't want his tongue inside me but he was strong and a vampire so I let him. His tongue swirled inside my mouth touching every inch of it, not leaving one spot untouched.

I knew I shouldn't have done this but it wasn't that I chose too it was that I was forced to but I wasn't gonna push him away cause too be honest zayn kinda scared me!

I was wondering where harry was. Was he still there waiting for me to show him the bathroom?

As zayn tongue kissed me he put his hands up my shirt and squeezed my breast causing me to moan.

"Shhh, Harry will hear us." He said into my ear.

"Look I have to go." I said.

"What why I was just getting hard!" He said to me looking down!

"This is wrong, I gave Harry everything, He gave me everything. We love each other."

"So you think." Zayn said interrupting me.

"What the hell do you mean?" I said looking into his eyes with disgust.

"How do you think Harry knew Scarlett? CAUSE HE LOVES HER. Every night when he's not with you he's with her! He's using you Hannah! Just come with me it'll all be better!" He said grabbing my hand and tears formed in my eyes.

"That's not true!"

"That's not true zayn!" I said too him now with my tears everywhere.

"Actually Hannah, it is!" He said too me.

I didn't wanna see any of them not for today anyway. I just wanted them gone.

"Go now!" I screamed at zayn and I ran him down the hallway!

"HARRY LEAVE NOW!" I said storming into the living room and pointing towards the door.

"Why, what did I do?" He said standing up with tears in his eyes.

"Just go please, I don't want a fight!" I said pulling Harry up and opening my front door.

"Hannah, please tell me what I did." He said now in complete tears.

"No." I slammed the door and turned around to see zayn with a growing boner through his skinny jeans.

"You look beautiful when you're mad!" He said too me.

"Just leave you shit head!" I said walking past him and down the hallway.

"You shouldn't call me that." He said pushing me into the wall.

"No zayn, please don't hurt me!" I said as my bottomed lip quivering.

"Oh no, Hannah I would never hurt you.." He said biting his lip.

"But I would fuck you." He said to me squeezing his body closer to mine.

I pushed my head back so his face wouldn't be close to mine. I could smell the blood in his breath.I pulled from his grip and ran into my room and locked the door.

I heard his foot steps getting closer to the door so I got back .he started banging on the door hard. I really wish I wouldn't have made Harry leave.

He could beat the shit out of zayn in no time and I would be safe.Also I never even asked Harry if that's what zayn told me was true I never even have him a chance.

The door busted open and to my surprise it was Harry standing there with a ripped t-shirt and blood on his body.

"OMG, HARRY IM SO SORRY!" I said as I ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

He picked me up and threw me onto the bed and tickled my stomach.

"Oh Harry stop! Hahah, Harry stop baby!" I said I between my giggles.

We both stopped playing and sat by eachother in bed, I told him everything and he forgave me. Thank god.

He said zayn was gone and never coming back.

I liked that idea.

"Thanks for helping me harry!"

"You're welcome baby!" He said getting on top I me so we could share a kiss.

But the kiss turned into more than a kiss and we we're having sex. After sex we stayed naked in bed cuddling.

"I love you more than you can imagine Harry."

"I'll love you forever and always." He said putting my hand on his stomach and telling me to rub. I rubbed his stomach as he whispered the sexiest things in my ear.

It's like he was trying to make me horny.i Asked if he needed blood but he told me no.a part of me was glad but another part of me was angry cause I needed more of Harry. He was an addiction that I will never get over.i wanted all of him even if I could get a little then it would make me happy.

"Hannah? Baby?" He said interrupting me and my train of thought.

I jumped up and said "yahh?"

"There's someone at the door." Harry said as I got up and walked down the hallway.

I went through the door and opened it up.on the outside was a blonde boy.

"Is Harry here?" He Asked and I noticed he had an accent.possibly irish? I think.

"Um yah? Let me him!" I said turning around and walking to the bedroom.

"Harry someone's here's for you!" I said to him.

He jumped up and I saw he was naked.

"You better get some clothes on!" I said as I watched him pick up the closest pair of boxers and slip them on.i threw him some pants and he put them on and walked out the bedroom door to the front door.

He opened the door and his face went to straight surprise when he saw the blonde haired boy.

"what are you doing here?!" Harry asked the boy.

"Serious news!" He said while I interrupted saying "you can come in!"

He came in and took a seat on the couch. I fixed him some water and sat next to Harry waiting to here the news.

"The council knows about you're love with hannah, and they won't allow it." He said.

Me and Harry looked into each others eyes I saw determination in his and he probably saw fear in mine.

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