dangerous love

Harry's a hot teen vampire in love with a hot teen girl. When she finds out Harry's a vampire all hell shortly breaks loose. Yes, I'm @dirextioner_ on wattpad this is my account on here!


1. chapter 1

"Do you want a bad boy?" He whispered in my ear and i could smell the evil on his breath.

"Not sure but, I want you, and only you." I whispered back as he pushed me into the damp cold brick wall.

"Do you want me inside you cause if you don't I won't." He asked.

"Not only do I want you inside me I want every inch of you inside me." I said grabbing his belt and unbuckling it slowly.

"Go for it." He said.

I pulled the belt of his waste and threw it into the darkness of the alley. I got down on my knees and rubbed his member through his boxers.

"Awe, shit." He gasped as he leaned his head back cause of the sensation I sent through his body.

"Ready?" I asked looking up for some assurance.

"Go." He said with a smirk on his face.

I pulled his boxers down and his massive member smacked his abs. I pulled them off his feet and along with the belt and pants I threw them into the darkness.

My hand gripped his shaft and I began slowly pumping up and down. I moved one hand on his balls and one still on his shaft pumping.

"You're so big Harry!" I said to him as the sweat from his curls hit my hand.

"Thanks baby, but I don't think we should do It here." He said.

"I can't blow you?" I asked looking up.

"No no, you can blow me just, I don't wanna put it inside you here!" He said back.

"So I can suck you?" I asked.

"Go for it." He said with an evil smirk once again on his face.

My mouth wrapped around the head of his dick and I sucked it hollowing out my cheeks.

"Awe fuck Hannah, go down more on my dick!" He demanded.

I did as I was told not because I was scared of Harry but because he was hot.

I let go of his shaft to leave more room for my mouth, I went down and gagged a little.

"Come on baby, you can do this!" He said cheering me on.

"I can do this, I can do this, I can do this." I thought to myself as I went down a second time and this time I went down so far my face rubbed against his pubes.

"Awe fuck!" I said as I pulled off his dick and wiped the spit from my lip.

"Can we go home now?" I asked him standing up back on my feet adjusting my skirt.

"Yah baby, just let me do one more thing.." He said leaning closer to me giving me no chance but to back into the wall.

"Do you like pain?" He asked me.

"Depends." I said biting my lip and smiling.

"Well you know you can't get pleasure without some pain." He said licking his lips all around.

"So what are you saying?" I said looking Into his beautiful green eyes.

"Well, Hannah, I'm a, I'm a." He stuttered like he was hiding something.

"Harry baby say it, it's okay." I said grabbing his arm.

"I'm a vampire." He said standing back.

"Omg, Harry you've got to be kidding me!!" I said busting out into laughter.

"No seriously." He said more serious then ever.

"Proof?" I asked crossing my arms.

He opened his mouth and I watched silently as two white fangs grew from his mouth.

"You were serious." I said grabbing his arm.

"Yah, but Hannah I would never hurt you, ever!" He said getting closer to me.

"Harry, trust me I know you would never hurt me, I love you and you love me." I said back.

"Yah, so about this pain thing." He said getting closer.

"We can only go so long without blood before our body shuts down and we die." He said grabbing my hand and placed it on his still naked dick.

"So you wanna bite me?" I asked him scared for life.

"Yah, but you won't die, at first it hurts but after it's pleasure." He said once again pulling his fangs out.

"Okay, Harry I trust you." I said leaning even closer to him.

His lips touched my neck and he sucked lightly at first causing me to gasp.

"Go Harry, let's get it over with." I said.

At that moment I felt his fangs sink into my neck and I felt the pure rush of my blood flowing out into his mouth. It stung a little but barely.

I felt my body draining but I didn't care cause after the stinging it felt amazing.

He pulled his fangs out my neck and wiped his mouth.

"You taste good baby." He said smiling. I could see his blood stained teeth.

"Thanks baby, can we go home now?" I asked him.

"Yah Hannah, just let me get my clothes and we can go."

He walked his naked body into the dark alley and came out wearing all his clothes.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Let's go!" I said grabbing his arm and walking out to alley.

It occurred to me I didn't know what time it was so I pulled my phone out the pocket in my skirt and and clicked the home button. My lock screen was a picture of me and Harry kissing and the time was 11;30.

"Wow, it's getting late." I said as we walked down the cold damp sidewalk.

"Yah, but were young, wanna go to the park love?" He asked looking at me waiting for an answer.

"Uhhhhh, I guess so!" I said smiling and kissing his cheek.

I could smell his cologne and it smelt amazing.

"So do you really still love me after you know my secret?" He asked his face turning red.

"Of course, you being a vampire just makes you that much hotter." I said winking and laughing.

"Thanks, let's make out!" He says pulling my hand and forcing me to run with him to the park.

We got to the park and sat down on the bench watching the little ripples form in the pond. His arms wrapped around me and his scent strong in the air.

"See that duck?" He asked pointing at a white figure floating in the water.

"Yah, why?" I said looking up at his grin.

"Well, that's our duck for now on! We need to name it." He said laughing and smiling at me.

My mind went through all these names but none sounded right.

"Leo?" I said looking at him for assurance.

"THATS PERFECT." He said smiling and kissing me on the cheek.

"You know Harry, I never knew vampires could be so sweet.." I said looking at the water not breaking my stare.

"Yah we can be sweet, but we can also be bad!" He said with a smirk forming on his face.

"How can you be bad? You're too good!" I said grabbing his other hand and intertwining it with mine.

"This." He said leaning into me.

Our lips touched and he pulled me closer to him. I could feel his tongue trying to pry inside my mouth so I let it enter. Both our tongues fought each other's to see a winner, of course Harry won. My tongue still searched his mouth and I could feel his fangs slightly scratch across my tongue.

He unbuttoned my pants and slipped his hands inside my underwear instantly making me wet. His fingers swirled across my feminine parts.

"Does this feel good?" He asked Me.

"It feels perfect I said gasping for some air."

My hands found his dark brown curls and began playing with them.

"Faster Harry!" I moaned as his finger started rubbing me faster and faster.

After awhile we stopped and just sat there on this park bench. Again curious of the time I checked my phone and it said 12;30.

"Ready to go home?" He asked me waiting for an answer.

"Yah, but can you stay with me tonight?" I asked Harry now me waiting for an answer.

"Yah, baby!" He said standing up and pulling me up too.

We slowly walked back to the house almost like we had all the time in the world.

We finally made It too the house and I unlocked the door and threw my keys to the side.

"Nice house!" He said as he had almost never seen it before.

"Thanks." I said walking to the fridge and grabbing 2 waters out, throwing one to Harry and keeping one for myself.

I weren't exactly tired so we sat on the couch all cuddled into this warm blanket watching American Horror Story on Netflix.

I jumped a few times cause this show was pretty scary. Each time I would jump his arm would wrap tighter around my body to comfort me.

"Don't be scared I'm here." He whispered into my ear seductivly, damn. Was he trying to turn me on?

I nuzzled my head into hi shoulder and silently fell asleep.

"Night love." He said kissing my cheek.

"Night Harry." I said before my eyes fell shut.

Next morning I was awoken by Harry's morning wood poking into my back. I woke up whipped my eyes and stood up stretching.

"Morning baby, how'd you sleep?" Harry's raspy morning voice said as he opened his eyes slightly.

"Good cause I slept next to you! How'd you sleep?" I said then asked him.

"Good cause I was touching you all night." He said with a smile on his face.

He stood up and his boner was so visable through those skinny jeans. He walked into the bathroom and I could here his pee hitting the water. The toilet flushed and the door opened.

He walked out with the boner no longer visable.

"We should do something today!" He exclaimed as he watched me waiting for an answer.

"Well do they have any movies you wanna see?" He asked me.

It was sweet that he was willing to see any movie I wanted to just to be with me.

"Well do we have to go to any movies?" I asked him still standing infront of him.

I wrapped my arms around his stomach and we leaned in to share a kiss.

"We don't have too we can stay here and make out, watch movies, take a shower together. Whatever you want." He said leaning back so he could see my face completely.

I thought about his answer and then shortly after said "that's sounds perfect!"

The excitement literally filled my body because the thought of showering with Harry and our warm wet bodies sliding against eachothers.

Even him biting me again and sucking every inch if my warm red blood sounds delightful as long as it's with Harry. Harry was my drug, even if I only got a little bit I still couldn't resist. He was addicting, he was my addiction.

The day went by rather fast and it was already 9;40. We went shopping and he bought me some new lingerie and he bought some new boxers.

When we walked through the door we went straight up to my room and Harry went straight for the shower. He quickly twisted the knobs till the temperature of the water was good for both of us. He said the water was ready so I sat my phone on the side of my bed and walked into the bathroom. Harry was already naked stepping inside.

"Come on take off you're clothes." He said once he was inside getting his body wet.

I pulled my shirt off now showing my bra.

"Harry can you help me unclip my bra?" I asked him turning so now my back was too him.

He in lipped my bra and it fell to the floor.

I said "thanks baby."

I didn't turn around cause I wanted to tease Harry so I stayed with my back facing him so he couldn't see my boobs. I the unzipped my pants and was not only in my lace underwear.

Harry's hand crested on my bum and squeezed it causing a moan to escape my partially closed mouth.

"Please go ahead and get naked for me hannah." He said practically begging.

I decided I shouldn't tease him anymore and slowly pulled my panties down my leg and flicked them Into the shower. Just then 2 hands landed on my shoulders and pulled me into the water.

"You're such a tease." Harry said into my ear as the warm water ran down both are bodies.

"Bite me." I said without any regrets in my chosen words.

"Are you sure Hannah?" He said looking into my eyes.

"I'm positive." I said.

He slammed me into the back shower wall and I watched as the water ran down his body covering every inch of him.

He didn't make me wait this time for the bite, without hesitation he sunk his lips inside my skin and began sucking on my warm blood.

I can just imagine the feeling of someone else's blood flowing down you're throat.

I felt my blood draining and he pulled out.

I looked down and the floor was red from my blood.

"Let me fuck you." He said without any hesitation.

He kep me pinned against the wall and lined his member at the entrance of my body, he rubbed it along my clit causing me to buck back.

"Here I go!" He said before pushing it inside me.

"AHHH! HARRY!" I screamed as he basically ripped my insides out.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked as he was still thrusting inside me.

"'No, Harry you're just so big!" I said as he kep on pushing me back cause all the force he was using.

He leaned in for a kiss as he was still thrusting inside me so we leaned together and shared a sexy but passionate kiss.

"I can't wait too cum!" He said still thrusting inside me but this time he started to finger me also.

His fingers making me more wet than I was from the shower.

"Awe Harry, you make me feel so good!" I said too him.

"You make me feel good!" He said before shortly after screaming "IM GONNA CUM!"

He pulled out my feminine parts and sat me on my knees. He grabbed the top of my head and began jacking off in front of my open mouth. Moments later his cum flew everywhere some landed in my chin, some landed in my mouth, some In my hair, and some on the wet tile floor.

I licked up every drop I could and told Harry "you're cum taste like heaven."

"It's a vampire thing!" He said winking and pulling me up off the floor.

He turned off the shower water and we stepped out and dried each other off.

We both climbed into bed naked that night and cuddled while watching "girl code."

The topic was penis size which was kinda Akward for me. I could feel Harry was gonna say something and he did.

"Hannah, is my dick big enough for you?" He asked looking at me an pulling the covers down to show me again.

"Yah Harry it's perfect." I said leaving in for a kiss.

His hands crested on my cheek and his left thumb ran across my bottom lip sending shivers all down my body.

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you!" I said to Harry leaning up!

"What is it?" He said concerned.

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