Saved by Niall Horan

Shaylee is an abused teen. She has tried ending her life but has never done it. When she has finally had enough she leaves her house and meets a boy and they fall in love. Is he shaylees dream boy. Well he'll just have to prove it when her dad takes her back to her old life of abuse. Can he save her?


3. we meet again

I lied down on Ellie's couch and told her parents goodnight. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke up the next morning I grabbed my keys and headed out. I had to go to work for the day. As I drove I listened to 5sos she looks so perfect. I sang along

"She looks so perfect standing there..." I turned the radio down as my phone rang.

"Hello." I said

"shaylee I'll find you. You thought I meant it when I said never come back." It was my dad.

"Dad?" I said questionably "I'm not coming back."

"I FIND YOU SHAYLEE" he yelled into the phone. I dropped it and drove faster. When I got to my work I got out. I worked at salons and styles. I cut the customers hair.

When I got inside I check in and went to the waiting area. I grabbed the clip board.

"Niall Horan?" That name sounded familiar.

A blonde headed guy stood up. It was him. The boy I'd met in the mall.

"Ahh so we meet again." He smiled.

I pointed to a chair and he sat in it.

"Ok so how do u want it?" I asked him.

"Just a light trim then a spike." He said.

I started my job cutting his hair. The aroma of his cologne filled my nose. He smelled of dryer sheets and a little bit mint.

We talked the whole time and I got his number and he got mine.

After 4 more hours of work

I got in my car and started driving. I came to a intersection. A man in a hoodie sat at the bench. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at me. It was my dad. I ducked. The windows shattered. I pushed the gas pedal in and I sped off. I left him in the dust and never looked back.

He guys it's me the author I don't know why the last paragraph was underlined but I hope u all like it. 😃😃

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