Saved by Niall Horan

Shaylee is an abused teen. She has tried ending her life but has never done it. When she has finally had enough she leaves her house and meets a boy and they fall in love. Is he shaylees dream boy. Well he'll just have to prove it when her dad takes her back to her old life of abuse. Can he save her?


2. regret

Once at home I started cleaning. My dad pulled in the driveway. He came inside.

"I thought u weren't coming back till tomorrow?" I asked.

"Shut up shaylee. I can do what I want." He stormed through the house.

When he came back in the living room he has a beer bottle. He was drunk. He took a sip and threw it right at my face. It smashed over my nose and checks. My nose burned. I felt a tight grip on my arm and he was pulling me. We stopped in the kitchen he threw me on the cold hard floor and kicked my side. I crinkled up and cried. He yelled something but I couldn't hear. He kicked me harder and I felt my body screaming.

"GET UP!" He yelled

I stood up and he kicked my leg and I fell.

"I SAID GET UP!!" He yelled. I stood up again but this time I dodged his kick. I started walking toward the door to leave.

"Leave and never come back. I never wanted you. Your mom was the one who did it." He said to me.

I grabbed my shoes and went to my car.

I didn't know where I was going but I wasn't ever going back to that house.

I ended up at Ellie's house. I knocked on the door. Ellie's mom answered and I knew I looked bad when I saw her expression.

One hour later I was sitting in Ellie's living telling them what happened.

"You can stay with us for a while." Ellie's mom offered.

"Thanks but I don't think I can." I said

"Um your staying till your better." Her mom said to me.

I smiled but behind that smile was no happiness. AT ALL. It was regret. Regret that I didn't walk away years ago.

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