Saved by Niall Horan

Shaylee is an abused teen. She has tried ending her life but has never done it. When she has finally had enough she leaves her house and meets a boy and they fall in love. Is he shaylees dream boy. Well he'll just have to prove it when her dad takes her back to her old life of abuse. Can he save her?


7. not the guy I thought

I sat in bed and just thought about everything. Niall rolled over and yawned. He sat up.

"Morning." I said

"Well good morning. Your an early riser. How'd ya sleep?" He said with his strong Irish accent.

"Pretty good." I said "so ya know how I told ya that my dad abused me a lot?"

"Yeah. Why?" Niall asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes

"Well seeing... um.... Louis last night. Well I just don't feel safe." I said

"Oh well he's not like that his girlfriend dumped him last night and he got drunk." He said sliding closer to me.

I liked the way he always looks at me and acts like I'm his girlfriend.

We got up and walked out to the kitchen and ate cereal.

"So what do you wanna do today love?" Niall asked me.

"Well I'm not sure yet."

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