there's a new girl in town, and she has a thing for the freak. Aiko, an Asian girl who has not been in america for 3 years returns for high school and everyone is so nice to her. everyone talks to her but 1 boy, a mysterious boy that has been branded as a weirdo and a freak. Draven is the freak in our story, he's known for his anger and language. he's been alone for so long, until a certain little girl reaches out to him.


1. The boy with the blindfold

My name is Aiko Shikimori, i have been in Japan for middle school but i have come back to America for high school. I haven't been here for so long, I've almost forgotten all of America's customs. I'm starting a new school today, i'm very nervous. I hope i make some friends quickly.  I moved to Oklahoma so i could go to this school my brother goes to because he wants me to get a good education. "Aiko! lets go! you'll be late for your first day!" Masculine voice, my brother. I say this because my father is a no good dirty rotten son of a bitch who left us for a slutty woman. I hate him so much. I grab my things and head for the door. "Got everything?" he said, i replied with a nod. "Be quiet ok? mom is sleeping, she worked all night last night. lets give her some peace and quiet." i nodded. My brother's name is Allan, he is a tall boy, at least 6'5, hazel eyes, dark hair, quite handsome actually. He could get any girl he wants but he is too busy trying to help mom with our dads debt. He loves her so much, it's sweet.

 We get in the car and head to school, "want me to pick you up somethin to eat?" he asks, "Is there time? if so, only if you don't mind." he smiles and turns into some weird place I've never heard of before, "Chicken an waffles" sounds strange. We go into the drive thru and i look at the menu, "What is this?" it's like Mcdonalds, Ihop, and Taco Bell breakfast mixed together and has doughnuts. he smiles and orders chicken and waffles, he turns to me, "Screw it, i want some too, but i want pancakes too." i smile, he smiles and says "Weirdo, i need another order of chicken and waffles and pancakes please." we get our food and eat on the way."I hope i make some friends here." i say, "In due time sweetie, in due time" he replies like he's some oracle or some shit like that. "Allan?" i ask "will you pick me up after school?" he smiles and replies, "Anything for you sweetie." Now all i have to do is face the worst part of the day. School.

I walk up the stairs to Headstrong Academy. Weird name for a public school. I head to the office and ask for my schedule. "Here, it's second period so go to English with Mrs. Chaulkson. She is upstairs." I nod and head on up the stairs. After five minutes of looking, falling on my ass and dying of dehydration, i finally found it. "This school is freaking huge." i tell myself. i knock on the door. "Come in." i open the door and walk on in. That's when i saw him. The boy who made me melt at first sight. The only problem? I can't see his eyes.

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