there's a new girl in town, and she has a thing for the freak. Aiko, an Asian girl who has not been in america for 3 years returns for high school and everyone is so nice to her. everyone talks to her but 1 boy, a mysterious boy that has been branded as a weirdo and a freak. Draven is the freak in our story, he's known for his anger and language. he's been alone for so long, until a certain little girl reaches out to him.


2. Is my love strange?

"Hello, are you the new student?" the teacher says to me. "Huh?" i say, still dazed by the HOTTEST guy i have ever seen in my life. "Oh, yes, i am." "Please state your name and some hobbies or interests of yours and find an empty desk." Introduction? Wasn't expecting that. Oh crap, what do i say? What do i do? Fuck it, i'll wing it. "My name is Aiko, i'm 16 and i like reading and watching t.v. shows like Supernatural. I hope we can get along." Not too bad, now where to sit? There's only one place to sit. Next to him. The boy who made my heart melt within five seconds of being in this class. I sit next to him and say hi. He doesn't reply. "Alright class, lets get started." After she said that, i zoned out into my own little world, trying not to stare too much. He is a tall boy, 6 ft i'm guessing, pale face, black straightened hair, there is a cut coming from under his black blindfold that looks like his right eye might have been cut. I love scars. He's just too cute. Suddenly the bell rings and prince charming grabs his stuff and sprints out of the class. Did i do something to make him mad? i don't ponder about it too much. I start to head to third period, room 201, history with a Mr. Muhammad. Lets hope i get there in one piece.

"HEY NEW GIRL!" someone yells behind me. i turn and see two boys run up to me. "Hey, we wanted to say hi and see if you know where you're going, oh, i'm Adam, this is Cameron." he points to him. Adam is a smaller Caucasian boy. He looks like he needs to tan his ass off, that's how white he looks. he gives the white crayon a run for his money. Adam is about 5'2 or 5'3, with Blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a Letterman jacket. Cameron is a tall Hispanic boy, he looks like he works out. He has some nice muscles for his age. He has blue eyes and black hair who is also wearing a Letterman jacket. "Nice to meet you." Cameron says. "Nice to meet you guys. Do you think you could help me out?" i ask. Adam responds "For a cutie like you? Anything." i tell him i'm looking for room 201 for history. "Hey, we have that class too." says Cameron "We got yo back, just follow us." We walk to history, up stairs. friggen hate stairs. we walk into the classroom. Oh my god i swear i almost fell on my ass. Again. The blindfolded boy! "We gotta sit down. Teach will be here in a sec." Cameron says. And thus we begin history class.

I got to sit next to hottie mc'gee. I'm so happy! I start a conversation. "Hi, i'm Aiko. What's your name?" No response but a gasp from the back of the room shocked me. I try again. "Why do you wear a blindfold?" Again, no response. I gave up, and someone came and put a note on my desk. My first note of the year. I open it up to find myself feeling a little mad and worried. "Don't talk to him. He's a freak, ignore him or make fun of him. Your choice new girl." Wow. He's a freak? Well now i want to know why. I will find out, even if it kills me.

Lunch time comes around and i see him sitting at a table, all alone. "Poor guy." I feel bad for him. I sit next to him, despite my warning in third period, i continue to talk to him. He continues to ignore me. I ask one more time "What's your name?" He finally spoke. "Draven. Draven Van Hellsing." his voice was coarse. "If you don't mind, why do you wear a blindfold?" He chuckled and shook his head "You shouldn't hang out with me, you'll get hurt." He stands and leaves, leaving me all alone. As he walked away i couldn't help but stare at that cute ass of his. For a dude, hes got a bubbly butt. It's cute. Well, now i know his name. Weird name. He's mysterious, so mellow, even when the other kids are picking on him. Yep, this is my future man alright. The bell rings. Time to face the rest of the day.

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