there's a new girl in town, and she has a thing for the freak. Aiko, an Asian girl who has not been in america for 3 years returns for high school and everyone is so nice to her. everyone talks to her but 1 boy, a mysterious boy that has been branded as a weirdo and a freak. Draven is the freak in our story, he's known for his anger and language. he's been alone for so long, until a certain little girl reaches out to him.


3. Gateway to Hell

School's finally over for today. "Holy shit, can't believe i survived." I look for Allan's car. "The hell is he?" i mutter to myself. He's never late, where is he? Across the street i see Draven walking. No ride? Well, whatever. I hear a honk coming from behind. There he is. "Hey sweet cheeks, need a ride?" i smile and laugh, i swear, Allan is so weird. "Hey bro, what's up?" "Been looking for your ratchet ass." We laugh. This is how we talk to each other. We sound rude but we mean well. "Wanna get somethin' to eat?" He said. My stomach replied for me. "I'll take that as a yes." He smiles but i'm sure my face is flushed from embarrassment. "We gotta do somethin' for mom tonight, ok?" he says "Allan..." I start "Why do you try to help her? You've been skipping school to help her, why? After all of these years, i can't believe i've never asked that." He's silent. "Lets get food first ok? Please?" He sounds pained by something. Is something troubling him? "Alright, but i want Subway." I say, "Wow, so original sweetheart." He smiled. I found out why he helps mom out so much. I didn't know people like that existed.

We get into Subway and go up to choice making spot (Whatever the hell it's called). "What do you want?" He asks me. "Hell, i don't know." And guess who i saw making sandwiches? If you guessed tall, pale, sexiness, you were right. "OMG" I say out loud. Why the hell did i do that? He noticed me and stared, he gave the customer their sandwich and stared at me. He goes to the register and takes the customers money. HA! I can tell him to make me a sandwich! reverse female jokes rock! I go up to him and say "Bitch make me a sandwich." i smile, he laughed. HE.LAUGHED. IT WAS SO CUTE! "I thought i told you i was dangerous." "Hmmmmm," i say, looking around "Still no fuck to give. Now, bout that sammich..." "Sammich?" he laughs. "IT'S THE WAY I SAY IT, LEAVE ME 'LONE."  "Friend of yours?" shit, forgot about Allan. "Allan, this is Draven, Draven, Allan." "Nice to meet you Draven." " You too, can i help you?" we order our sandwiches and sit down. "Tell me now?" Allan sighs, "Alright, but don't tell mom." I promised. "I've been working as a host..." "A HOST!?" I'm shocked. Let me explain, hosts are men who women go to to have a good time, to be flirted with, occasionally they have physical contact. I'm shocked because Allan is very shy. "Can i finish?" I nodded. "Well, mom wasn't making enough for BOTH of us to go to school. So i applied as a host. I'm also a baker over at that cafe you really like. I get enough to pay for school and part of yours. I help because i don't want to see the best woman in the world suffer from debt. That's why." After that we are silent till we get to the car. We notice a house burning and we stop to see what's goin on. "MY BABY! SOMEBODY GET MY BABY!" A woman screams. That's when i see Draven sprint into the house. WHY!? THE WORLD NEEDS HOT GUYS LIKE HIM! Five minutes later he comes out, holding a baby onto his chest. He gives the baby to the mother. "THANK YOU!" she says "God bless you." He winced like he was in pain. "Your welcome." He runs off into the sunset. Damn that's hot.

I saw something that day that i will never forget though. I saw a dog in the house, with three heads.

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