This Summer (Harry Styles)


1. Chapter 1

"Okay, okay. What about," I stretched out the word about," him?" I nodded towards the guy who was old, bald, and on the chubby side.

"Okay, are you doing this on purpose? Because if you aren't, you really have a really bad taste in guys," Gabby said as she raised a brow. I laughed.

"I'm kidding. Don't worry. And I defiantly do NOT have a bad taste in guys," I retorted.

"Well, I know I don't. What's up?" Jessie walked over to the counter. She walked over to the check in thing, and picked her card, and slid it in the little scanner thing.

"Aria's pointing out guys that prove that she has a bad taste," Gabby said as she jumped off the seat.

"Hey! I told you I was kidding!" I said. Gabby playfully rolled her eyes at me.

"Okay, so, after work we are going to meet up at Aria's house and I have to tell y'all something," Jessie smirked. I pretended to be scared.

"Oh no. This can't be good," I sarcastically said. She playfully slapped my shoulder and waked over to her notepad.

"Let's get to work," she huffed.


"Sir, unless you want to talk to the manager about this..." I said as nicely as I could, which was kind of hard because this guy is getting under my skin.

"Yes. Please," He said harshly. I sighed and went back. I opened the door and acted like I was cheerful.

"Boss! Angry costumer because he keeps changing his mind when we give him his food-"

"Aria! I'm dealing with something!"

"Yes, dad."

"Aria, hush!" He whispered. "Yeah. Okay. I'll meet you there."

He stood up and walked over to the door.

"And A? It's Boss here," he said as he slammed the door.

I sighed as I walked out the door behind him. I can never joke around with him. Ever.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my straight brown hair. I look down at my blue tips that are starting to fade. I need to re-dye them

I walked out and to the back. I ran into Jessie.

"Hey, what are you doing?" She asked as she saw me walking to the check in/ out thingamajig.

"Leaving," I said in a 'duh' tone.

"No shit Sherlock. I meant why."

"Because I don't feel like working today. So, unless you and Gabs want to ditch with me...?"

"I'll get Gabby. Get the car." I laughed and nodded at her answer.

Once I turned on the car, a song called Story of My Life came on the radio. I just left it on because they were kind of good. I mean, it's One Direction. I don't really care for their music, but I guess they can sing good.

As soon as the song ended, Gabby slid into the front seat of my Jeep.

"Let's go!" She smiled as Jessie jumped into the back seat. When we got to my house, we climbed out the car and I locked it. We walked up to my dads house and I unlocked the door, so we could all get in and onto my bed.

"Jessie? News?" I asked.

"Yeah, okay so- where's Gabby?" As soon as Jessie asked the question, Gabby walked in with bags of Doritos. She handed us a bag.

"Sorry. I was hungry. Now, what were you saying?" She nodded towards Jessie.

"What I was saying is that... I booked us a summer long cruise!" She screamed. We all held hands and jumped up and down screaming.

"Can y'all shut up? The dog's howling and that's not a good sign!" My little 13 year old sister, Gracie shouted.

"Hush up, Gracie!" We all shouted back at her. Damn these non-soundproof walls.

"Well, I have to go," Gabby said, grabbing her stuff.

"Same. We leave in two days, and remember, summer long! Bring dresses for formal nights and jeans just in case. Cute outfits!" Jessie shouted as she walked out my right window and onto the walkway to her house, and Gabby out my left window into the walkway to her house.

I smiled as I grabbed gigantic suitcases. I grabbed my phone and put Linkin Park on.

"I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream," I sang along as I packed. Once I was finished, well almost, I zipped up the bags and put them on the floor. I walked over to my connected bathroom and grabbed my expo marker. I erased the 7, and wrote and 8 in the beautiful blue color. The number is now 28, instead if 27.

28 days clean. 28 days since self harming. 28 days since the bullying since 6th grade stopped.

I changed into night clothes and threw my work clothes into the hamper. I grabbed my phone and plugged it in.

We need to go shopping tomorrow because of trip! Need new clothes! Love y'all!

I sent them the message and shut off my phone, and got some sleep.

So I know there is no such thing as a summer long cruise, but HEY! It's fiction.

I hope y'all enjoyed it so far! The boys will be in the next chapter.

First Chapter though! Love you all!


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