Last dance

a final dance in the snow for a dying patient and his lover


1. It's cold

I'm sorry. i'm so sorry. it wasn't supposed to be this way. i cant believe it. why? why? why do things like this always happen to me? i don't understand. i have been a good person, did what i was told, had a good job, a wife, now? i only have her. the beauty who married me all those years ago. my memory is fading. what was her name again? dammit all! i cant even remember her name! why!? she's been so good to me, why cant i remember? "come here darling," i whisper, it's all i can muster up the strength to do, "help me outside, i want to dance like i did growing up, like i was a kid again, like i was a i could do anything." oh love of my life, how she is so beautiful and kind, she helps me to the door. "remember our wedding? how we danced for hours? dance with me, please, its all i ask." such a sweet woman she is, so beautiful, her pale white face gleams in the night, the moon is full, lighting up everything. we danced, and danced, and danced, but alas death calls for me. "goodbye my love, its...its time for me to go. goodbye...till we meet again." death you bastard, taking me away from the one i love and at such a young age. you cold hearted bastard, making her cry. i have no regrets, i long to see what awaits me in the afterlife.

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