He Will Never Love Me

What happens when you lose everyone you love? Do you break down or do you get up, pack up and move on. Jason is a normal 15 year old...... Well that's if normal was a crazy gay child that lost his parents and sister in a storm of tornadoes. Jason Thomas has been living with his family for 15 years and than suddenly like that they are all gone. He is then forced to move up the US to a new school and a new home and a new environment. What happens when he meets the man that makes his heart race and his face go red. Jason knows that this man can't love him back ever but what will he do to let the feelings go. Follow him as he travels through the long deep hole that's called love and who will be at his side Michael or Tristan?


2. The Tornado

Okay so it's the first Wednesday so here is part 1. If it gets five votes I will post another part on Sunday.

This part is dedicated to the amazing MissCris because their stories are freaking perfect and you should all go read them because that are the best ever.

The song of the chapter is

"When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne.

Thanks for reading?!?!?!


The Tornado

*rrrrrrrrrrrr* I heard the alarm ring. I was in my room and I jumped up grabbed the backpack that had the emergency kit, my cellphone and my car keys and ran to the basement as fast as I could. Down the long hallway and the stairs, I ran to the small bathtub in the bottom corner of the basement and say inside. I was home alone with nothing but a sweatshirt to keep me warm. I hated tornadoes which was truly ironic because I lived in Texas home of the tornadoes. I was alone in the underground cellar. My parents are always out during tornadoes because my dad is paramedic and my mom is a doctor or as I like to call them life saviors. My dad told me exactly what to do when there was a tornado, so I knew the safest places. I was to hide in the small white bathtub in the basement where nothing could reach me. My older sister Serena was with her best friend Marina, I wasn't that worried since the Anderson's were dependable, but that's what I thought. When the all clear was sounded I got out with my cell phone in hand and dialed my friends Chloe and Anny from Miami Florida to tell them I was ok that I didn't die. They moved from Texas to live with her aunt and uncle after her parents were declared passed since they never found them.

"ARE YOU OK? OH MY GOD THANK GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" She was screaming at full volume through the phone I had to pull it off my hear so that I wouldn't go deaf.

"My eardrums Chloe please calm down and thanks for the confidence but don't worry I am smart remember." I answered quickly.

"Ya okay now go call your mom and dad tell them that your ok" she said and I agreed. Closing up with an I love you, I called my mom.

'Beep.....Beep.....Beep......Beep!'"The number you have dialed is currently unavailable please try again later." I called my dad and found no response also. I assumed that they were at the hospital somewhere and they were helping people so I just walked over there, it wasn't too far.

The hospital was terrible all I saw that showed that I was in the right place was a small first aid kit and a doctor on the floor, running over I saw the one person I didn't want to see. An average sized 35 year old lady was on the floor with short blond hair her eyes wide open. I dropped to the floor next to her pulling her up and checking around for a pulse but I couldn't find one. I started mouth to mouth and CPR but nothing worked.

Fighting back the tears I leaned down to her ear and whispered "I love you, Mom!"


That was part one and trust me I was in full on tears from this so it's OK if you were crying too. ok so my name is John! i am going to be writing this story for you guys. This is a made up story with some general truth to the background. I have always enjoyed writing long stories and such but I haven't been inspired to actually see a story to its end. If I start to lag behind on days i will have a friend of mine post for me and i will always give you the general day on when the next post will be. i should post every Wednesday for sure and if i get 5 votes on the chapter for that day I will also post another chapter the following Sunday. Deal? Please don't hate on if the story doesn't go as you planned it and if you have any ideas message me them and I promise i will try to add them into the story somehow. you are all amazing! please don't forget to vote and comment.

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