He Will Never Love Me

What happens when you lose everyone you love? Do you break down or do you get up, pack up and move on. Jason is a normal 15 year old...... Well that's if normal was a crazy gay child that lost his parents and sister in a storm of tornadoes. Jason Thomas has been living with his family for 15 years and than suddenly like that they are all gone. He is then forced to move up the US to a new school and a new home and a new environment. What happens when he meets the man that makes his heart race and his face go red. Jason knows that this man can't love him back ever but what will he do to let the feelings go. Follow him as he travels through the long deep hole that's called love and who will be at his side Michael or Tristan?


4. The Move

Hello again my lovelies. So I am writing this story on wattpad but a couple of my friends are making me post it here to so I am going to post the first 5 chapters so it can be caught up. Thank you!

This chapter is dedicated to my amazing Editor because she is the most perfect person in the world. Go follow her and read all of her amazing stories and spam her with love. Her username is Whovian2525.

The song of this chapter is, drumroll please, 3000 Miles Away by Emblem 3

Okay my lovelies here is chapter 3. Enjoy!


The Move

A week after the incident.

Weak. Broken. Hate. Longing. Anger. Pain. Everything all at one time. I haven't stopped crying since last week. I don't want to leave this house but at the same time, I never wanna see this place again. Too painful. I miss them so much it hurts.

I pick up my phone and dial the only somewhat family I have now, "Thanks so much Anny! Kiss your aunt and uncle too, okay."

"Ya I will, don't worry, and I am sorry for your loss." I frowned as she said loss. Why is it that they always say that? I didn't lose my family, they're not hiding under the couch. They're gone, and as much as I hate to say it, they aren't coming back.

"Thanks again Anny, see you soon," I mustered up a smile. This whole expeirence was just too much to handle. I'm only sixteen and I've lost my whole family. I've lost a part of myself. No more arguments with my sisters, no more laughs with my dad, no more hugs from my mom. Now I have to leave my family and the house that I love so much behind. Well I did grow up in it, what do you expect?

So it's decided. I am moving to Miami, the most tropical place ever. I was to live with my childhood best friend and their aunt and uncle. Yay. Not. Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful they are taking me in but I just don't want to move.

I was in my room because I had to check that I packed all of my clothes. I had my phone and some money. The rest was to be put into a savings account until I turned 18, two years away. Wow, I am old I'll be 18 in two years. My mom's small smart car was already being shipped over to Miami for me.

I stood in the airport, waiting for departure to begin. I gripped my ticket in my hand, my whole body trembling with anxiousness. I look around the airport to see my surroundings. Friends hugging each other, glad to be seeing one another again. Moms seeing their child again. Lovers holding hands as they walk out. Buissness woman and men drinking coffee with their laptop in their hands. And here I am, alone, more than ever.


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