He Will Never Love Me

What happens when you lose everyone you love? Do you break down or do you get up, pack up and move on. Jason is a normal 15 year old...... Well that's if normal was a crazy gay child that lost his parents and sister in a storm of tornadoes. Jason Thomas has been living with his family for 15 years and than suddenly like that they are all gone. He is then forced to move up the US to a new school and a new home and a new environment. What happens when he meets the man that makes his heart race and his face go red. Jason knows that this man can't love him back ever but what will he do to let the feelings go. Follow him as he travels through the long deep hole that's called love and who will be at his side Michael or Tristan?


3. No, No Don't Leave Me

Okay so this part 2! Comment how you feel so far believe me when I tell you I really really wanna read all of your amazing comments. There is a lot of sadness in this chapter too. Read to find out what happens.

Dedication is to the amazing Colorfuldays because she is so perfect and go read her story I'll make you beg and it's sequel Unexpected because both of those stories are amazing.

The song of the chapter is

"I Miss You" by Miley Cyrus


No No Don't Leave Me

I stood up barely able to find my way around I found my mom's small car that wasn't too badly damaged since it was in the underground parking. I got in and started to drive to the police station. When I got there I documented my mother dead. I noticed that someone documented that the Anderson's were missing and I found myself in complete tears. I went to the bathroom and I called Anny and told her that my mom was dead and that my sister was missing. She quickly reminded me that my dad was still out there and I got up and asked the sheriff if there was any news on my dad.

"Your dad's vehicle was found and but no one found him or his driver." I thanked him and got into my car and started to drive around using the gps on my dad's phone to look for him. I found his cell phone and I looked through it listening to the last message that he happened to have sent to my mom.

"Honey I am so sorry I thought that I could escape but I couldn't so now our kids are on your hands. Please keep them safe! If you find my phone look close by I won't be too far. I love you Jason, Serena, and Rina."

I started to tear up more now knowing that both my mom and dad were gone but I still had hope that Serena was still alive. I called her on her cell "Beep.....Beep.....Beep.... Hello!" A deep and sad voice answered.

"Who is this?" I quickly answered knowing that this isn't my sister. "It's the paramedic." The man answered and my heart dropped, my head was filled with a thousand questions. "Is she going to make it?" I ask scared of his answer. "I am sorry she is gone the only survivor was a small boy that is hurt pretty bad.


Yes it's an emotional time for our little Jason. I know i just killed off his enire family but it was necessary for the actual story. I want to know what you guys think so far. Do you like? I know I do. Remember the deal I will post every Wednesday and if you can get to 5 votes by Sunday i will post another Chapter! The story will actually get a ton better I promise like i am already filled with amazing ideas! i wanna know your ideas too so tell me what they are in the comments or send it in a private message. Sorry it was a late post I was out all day. Love you guys!!

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