He Will Never Love Me

What happens when you lose everyone you love? Do you break down or do you get up, pack up and move on. Jason is a normal 15 year old...... Well that's if normal was a crazy gay child that lost his parents and sister in a storm of tornadoes. Jason Thomas has been living with his family for 15 years and than suddenly like that they are all gone. He is then forced to move up the US to a new school and a new home and a new environment. What happens when he meets the man that makes his heart race and his face go red. Jason knows that this man can't love him back ever but what will he do to let the feelings go. Follow him as he travels through the long deep hole that's called love and who will be at his side Michael or Tristan?


5. My Lookalikes

So how are you my lovelies? So I just realized that my past dedications have been to people on wattpad but I promise from now on I will have people from fanfiction too okay. Here's a little about my boring day. Well this was a pretty awkward day because like it's testing and the entire room is supposed to be silent and of course my phone just starts ringing and of course I have a girly ring tone and everyone looks at me like I am crazy. So that's an update on the life of an 8th grader.

This chapter's dedication goes to the amazing

This chapter's song is "How Ya Doin" by my girls, Little Mix. Love that girl group!!

My Lookalikes

"Oh my god you look hawt as ever!?!?" the girls came up to me, shrieking and gawking at my appearance.

"Haha thanks Chloe, and I have to say the same about you." they knew that I was gay but we still joked around. If I remember correctly I even kissed Chloe when I was in 8th grade before I came to terms with my sexuality.

"No, but seriously, football is doing you wonders, I think you finally have bigger guns than we do," Anny said in a mocking tone.

"Ya thanks still think you can now win in a wrestling match against me," I smiled.

For the first time in almost two weeks I genuinely felt okay.. I truly missed my lookalikes.

We got into the car and started to drive to their house. Chloe was pointing out all the greatest places to eat and everything else. The one thing you could depend on Chloe for was that she will know where the best places to eat were. Don't get me wrong, that's an amazing talent.

When we got to her house, I met her aunt Angie. They all knew I was gay so they didn't mind that I was sharing a room with the twins. They were only a year younger than me but we were at the same school. God was I scared to go to Brea Linda High School. I was super scared but at the same time, excited. I had sent in my audition and I got a letter one weeks later saying that I got in. I couldn't wait.

I moved all of my stuff that wasn't terribly damaged but a lot of my stuff was gone. Chloe promised me a day of just shopping and I was hella excited. We got ready for bed.

"I swear, you have to take my bed it won't be that bad,"

"It's ok, I'll sleep on the floor, it'll be fine. Plus, I am still a gentleman," I smirked as they blushed.

"God, can you just be straight?" she picked up my blanket and slept right next to me using my arm as a pillow.

"Having some boy trouble ladies?" I asked almost whispering.

"Ya, all the guys are just jerks!" they respond at the same time.

"Ouch hurtful!" I answer not hiding the hurt in my voice on purpose. They apologized quickly and I stopped her by smirking really wide and I got smacked, my arm really hurt. The next I knew they were sleeping so I pulled up the blanket to cover them and I wrapped my arm around them while they snuggled close to me for warmth.


Okay from now on it will be all drama nonstop with craziness all throughout! I wanted to tell you that some of the characters won't be mentioned until later like Erick, Mina and Tristan. I am kinda of stumped on Songs for the chapters so the first couple of people to comment some good songs get a dedication to their account of preference. i will only do the first 5 though. Speaking of 5, remember 5 votes could get you an extra chapter every week so vote up!

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