He Will Never Love Me

What happens when you lose everyone you love? Do you break down or do you get up, pack up and move on. Jason is a normal 15 year old...... Well that's if normal was a crazy gay child that lost his parents and sister in a storm of tornadoes. Jason Thomas has been living with his family for 15 years and than suddenly like that they are all gone. He is then forced to move up the US to a new school and a new home and a new environment. What happens when he meets the man that makes his heart race and his face go red. Jason knows that this man can't love him back ever but what will he do to let the feelings go. Follow him as he travels through the long deep hole that's called love and who will be at his side Michael or Tristan?


1. Characters

Okay so I decided to write a new story! It's gonna be a boyxboy so if you don't like gay people don't read my story. It's simple as that. I already have the story drawn out so I will post a chapter every couple of days. If I get a good amount of reads and votes on each chapter I might post everyday! there won't be any actual full on scenes but there will be kisses and there will be details so either deal with it or don't read the story. If a lot of people really want a full out scene I will have a friend of mine help me write one and I will post it separately. I hope you enjoy. I will do dedications and a song for each chapter okay. I will tell you when I will start posting. Thank you! For now enjoy the characters and if you have like real people that would go with the characters please write the names and I will add them as the actors of my story.

Lots of Luck,




-Jason Thomas

•Sexual Orientation: gay

•fun and mischievous, crazy, loves to sing. He is a sophomore.

-Chloe Meyers

•Sexual Orientation: Straight

•amazing and loud protective and really pretty. Her twin is Anny. She is a freshman

-Michael Lindsey

•Sexual Orientation: Unknown

•secretive and mysterious. In his own head. Super attractive and is a great singer. He is junior.

-Erick Valdez

•Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

•He is athletic and is really wild but he is super protective of those he loves. He is a junior.

-Annabelle Meyers

•Sexual Orientation: Straight

•Super calm and mature and is like the mother at all times but when she can she is also crazy and fun. Her twin is Chloe. She is a freshman

-Mina Trinity

•Sexual Orientation: Straight

•Loves Michael. Cares about school and her future. Always dressed for success and she is super smart. She loves to sing. She is a junior and she is dating Michael

-Tristan Montez

•Sexual Orientation: Straight

•Really protective of his closest friends. Dancer to the heart. Has been heartbroken too many times to count. Has given up on love.

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