My Life is Hell

"What did you do!" I demand
"I was just at a party and we got really hammered and-"
"No! What did you do to HER!"
"I had to do it"
"But why!!!!"
"She was dangerous to both of us"
"Still not understanding!"
"She was going to kill y-"
Bam I hear a gun go off and my boyfriend on the ground bleeding


2. This is Hell

I get out of the car.

Vincent says good bye, but i don't ever talk to him. 

I don't need to talk to him, he ruined my life. 13 years I have been kidnapped by him. 13 years ago he killed my parents in front of me. I can see it every night when I go to bed.

I walk up the stairs of my high school, it hell. But I see someone who is very special person in my life. Flinn. He knows my past and wants to be in my future. He runs over to me and gives me a big hug.

" I'm glad your here!" he says.

" You say that everyday!"

"I say that because he might hurt you, and i won't see you again. I don't want you to get hurt. Ever!"

"Awe thanks babe! I love you so much."

"I love you more than your heart can imagine!" he kisses me so long. I don't want this to end ever, but it does.

"I got to head to class, you ya at lunch okay?" he says.

"Okay" I say, "I love you"

"I love you too"

I walk to class, alone. Everyone stares at me. Do they know? If they do why don't they help?

*3 hours later*

I walk to where Flinn and I sit. I trip on someones backpack. I fall and scrap my hands, blood starts to run down. 

Mama? Dad? I can't do this anymore! Help!

I start to cry and Flinn picks me up and takes me to his car.

"Did you see them?" he says.

I nod. I can't talk, i just cry.



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